I’m confused... update regarding debuffs

So I’m hoping someone can give me/ us a breakdown on the latest on debuffs/ stacking specials etc…

Sorry if I’m being silly but I’d like insight into what’s hot and what’s not for titans.

I recently took on a Blue Titan but as my green heroes as useless I used the followin:
Boldtusk: Athena: Jackal: Joon: Wu Kong.

Now before the nerf on a good board I was hitting in excess of 80k after 1.9 I’m doing 30 maybe 40k

Thanks for the help in advance:

Did your Wu fire or tank? Just curious…

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See this post:

Briefly, Athena at 65% plus an elemental is severely limited. As an example, Athena alone does 200 damage, Athena plus elemental is 400 in version 1.8 and 230 in version 1.9. I had just leveled Panther and saw a huge decrease on yellow titans. The decrease should be about 40%, not sure why you had a larger decrease. Boldtusk and Wu should not be touched. although I did not specifically test them.

I would like a less strict limit. However, compared to what was proposed (nerf Athena alone and Wu), this is infinitely better.


Just had my Wu fire… 81k on a purple.
@GeneDude thank you

Team building is still identical to before, just doesn’t do as much damage as they lowered the damage scaling at low defense values.

Elemental debuffs still worthwhile, just not nearly as much as before: an extra 1k per tile or whatever though is still a lot more damage than any other special one could bring when we’re talking full stack of buffs and titan debuffs.


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