I,m Angry :(

Good morning, is about to spend a year playing. I gave you hundreds and hundreds of € and I was not given yet a 5 * yellow hero and not even a 4 * purple troop. Please provide as soon as possible or another hundred euros you will not see them anymore! Thank you.

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Brother, you pay to buy a CHANCE to have , not paying to HAVE.
Huge diffence between both in the meaning.
SG never granteed any thing,
Please read cearfully this thread.


You have to keep trying. Just because your chances didn’t work out doesn’t mean you’re entitled to what you want.


Time to take a course in statistics and probability :slight_smile:

(and possibly the laws applying to terms and conditions, in-app purchases etc.)


Sorry to saying this, but threaten Empires&Puzzle with 100 € it’s like threaten Apple to not buying another phone.

Not really effective, i guess.


I understand your anger. Repeated bad luck is a frustrating thing.

One of the better (and cheaper) ways to “force” good luck, or better worded increase your chances thereof, would be to get your TC20’s (why not even 3?) churn out lvl 20 training 24/7. Give that a try and pray for a Joon. You might get lucky cheap.


Like this one :slight_smile:

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Thank you, i could use a refresher myself.

I was digging through boxes looking for my old medical statistics primer a few days ago (very happy that course had a 48 hour take home exam when I did it) :slight_smile:

Clarification. Trying does not require dropping tons of money. If you can spend and like that route, more power to you. But know what your budget is and play smart accordingly.

Some pay a lot, some a little, some nothing at all. To each there own. Don’t let peer pressure drive you to an uncomfortable category.

You’re gambling with summons, you are guaranteed nothing nor do they owe you anything.

I would really like to see less 3* heroes in element & special summons I would b okay with lots of 4* and the same percentage of 5* its so discouraging to do a 10x pull and get all 3* and 1 4* I know it’s a gamble and yes I happily spend money on the game and also enjoy the free summons tokens which I thank you but in the past few days I’ve done 2 10× pulls and several single pulls and the majority have been 3* it would be wonderful if you could please put in less 3* or no 3* thank you for listening

I agree with most of the arguments and points being put forward Within the community, however as someone who is totally new to this kind of gaming would it not be financially better for sg to put a price on actual hero’s rather than chances of getting a five. Star hero, you actually pay for a five star hero. Therefore if you wish to pay, you pay for hat you want. For those that don’t wish to pay but get stuck and want a quick fix the option is there.

Hi there!

Please read the “Gacha” link posted above (scroll up).

There are many players in this game who do not spend. They pursue regular heroes via Training Camps:

  • TC13 = 3* with slight chance at 4*
  • TC20 = 3*, better odds of 4* than TC13, and slight chance at 5*

These training camp heroes are free; all items necessary to get them are provided by the game; just another option that the game provides.

(Be aware that Hero of the Month and Event heroes are only available through the Summon Gate. The VIP package offers half-price limited gems every month.) :slight_smile:

The short answer is no, it likely wouldn’t be better.

I can’t imagine SG implementing a change that would reduce their revenue (investors don’t like that), so let’s assume they put each of the classic 5* heroes up for sale in the shop at a revenue-neutral price. What should that price be? Since the elemental summon gives you the best probability of getting a specific classic 5* hero (2.5% for 5*, then 25% within that 2.5% for a specific hero since there are 4 classic 5* heroes per element), we’ll use that as a baseline. The expected gem cost for pulling a specific classic hero this way is:

(Gem cost per pull) * (1 / Probability of success) = 260 * 40 * 4 = 41600 gems

So SG would need to charge at least 41600 gems to be revenue-neutral. I can’t imagine the average player opting to buy the expensive guarantee instead of multiple cheaper summon attempts.


Fair enough I was looking at it as a player not a banker

also, to complete @Rook (if it is permited :p), see below

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When you pay for chances and feel the first feelings of frustration, its time to stop spending. Either stop spending indefinitely or put it on hiatus for awhile. Never let frustration get to the point of anger, the game is meant to be fun and enjoyable.

Discontinue spending for awhile and keep working the level 20 training camp until you get a legendary holy hero. If you dont get one for a long time, in the meantime try to see which epic holy heroes you can make work well in a five star team. I noticed wu kong appearing in some rainbow teams legendary teams quite a bit on youtube


I got two of my three 5* from TC20. I’m gonna get Joon from it someday. :slight_smile:


Ive got joon and magni. Sartana and lianna are who I desire.

(Wait. This isn’t the thread about fairer of them all? Yikes!) :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

Same. Getting Lianna would be a dream come true. She’s a part of my dream rainbow raid team