I love this game

But of course it is! Nobody loves - loves this game. Itโ€™s more like a love - hate relationship


And yet, here these people still are, months after they apparently decided this was a terrible game run by a company that hates its customers. Are there no other games out there? Or is this one so darned good that you canโ€™t give it up despite its lack of freebies?

Me, Iโ€™m not excited by freebies, they may help you finish the content (which is often pretty sparse itself) but they canโ€™t help you to be competitive against other players because - guess what? - they are beating you with the same freebies you got.

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4 5* but 3 are maxed. It took me more than 10 months to max my first 5*.

You also have some very solid 4* there with C.Rigard, Gullinbursti, G. Falcon, Zila Lei, Wu Kong, โ€ฆ

For F2P you are doing quite well.

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Biggest mistake most people in this game make is to feed away their 3 stars and 4 stars in the beginning!!

3 stars and 4 stars are much Easier to Max faster
And build full set of teams than 5 stars, to compete in Wars & Tournaments!!!

Also, you donโ€™t need 5 star teams to accomplish 95% of the objective in this game!

I have notice people get too greedy and spend a lot of money chasing legendary heroโ€™s โ€ฆ and when itโ€™s not accomplished they complain or lose it :rofl::rofl::joy: and feed all of their legendary heroโ€™s to 1 or 2 star heroโ€™sโ€‹:joy::joy::rofl:

So play responsibly!!!