I love this game but sorry now it's boring!

I play since a while (april) I paid a lot (70€) and i have the same team (just one 5* with 30epic opened !!!) during a month… i’m blocked in evolution during weeks…
free player in my team can’t chose between five or six 5*?!?!
so what’s the conclusion?! don’t pay to get epic but pay to evolve? titan 7* give 3 or 4 gems…
it’s boring
sorry for my english i’m a belgian guy

just 2 x300 gems to get a red and waw 2x 3*… amazing !!!

To slow lot for the class “A”… it’ve to be change.

Do you want change sth, let’s help us progress and find new ways.

lucky you… I paid 40 E and all I have is 4x 4* …2 green and 2 red… and the only one healer is 3* green, of course. It is non boring, it is frustrating