I love Raiding and War

There, I’ve said it and I am now outted.

I’m a mid level player and I am strongly in Platinum for raiding. I used to struggle with raiding when I just didn’t understand how the players worked and how to work the board. Once I had a solid second level of players to color stack with things got way better. I’m a bit of a defensive raider so it took a little time for me to find my way. Now I always look to win 36+ cups per raid and tend to win 60-70% of my raids. I now know the exact defense that my style works well against and who I am not ready to deal with yet. It is fun…I even raid when my chest timer is running :).

War is awesome, it is 6 raids in a team environment. I love digging around on my bench trying to cobble together in the land of misfit heros to get some points. The best is when they manage to win against a way better opponent. Our alliance is around 50% win/loss and all our matches are close.

Thanks SG for such a fun system!


I also like wars. They should me more often without long brakes thanks new updates.

You’re not alone. Wars are my favorite activity in this game. My No. 1 priority is basically heroes that are good for wars/raiding.

I’m going to resurrect this thread to agree.


I love the team effort, the thrill of the charge, the anticipation of victory.

At Guardians Reborn, we are spread across the globe, but we often manage to converge around the halfway point and the last hour.

I shout my encouragement till I’m hoarse and cheer on every point. Suffered a bad board? No problem, it’s the flag that counts.

Unused flags always score zero.

In my mind’s eye, I can see the battlefield, hear the roar of the troops, the hiss of arrows and the terrifying alien sounds of magical mayhem.

Arise, warriors. Raise your shields and brace your spears. With me Guardians - across the bridge and face our foes. Twenty Nine others at our backs and glory to come. Let Blood! Blood! Blood! Be your motto



We lost today, but was fun anyway.

We won today. We were down by 22 with 5 minutes left and 7 unused flags. All 3 members logged on and use their flags for a 60ish point victory. More than half of our alliance was online at the time. We cheered when a light went green. We cheered when points went on the board.

Alliance wars is the only thing in this game which can give that sort of thrill! I love alliance wars. And I love raiding. I love looking for someone I know so I can record the fight. Humbly brag about a win or eat lots of crow for a loss.