I Love & Hate this Game

I Love this game because out of 9 pulls I got 2 five star featured hero’s.

I Hate this game because I get destroyed by much lower power teams.

I love to hear ur experience,
please keep it short🤥

Mono attack against ur team…And proper fire planning of hero

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You can made 300 pulls and didn’t get any 5* hero too :slight_smile: You will love it if you love gambling

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Seriously I don’t really mind having my defence team taken out by neither stronger teams nor weaker but it should be a fair fight! What I’m starting to hate about this game is that it’s too luck-based when it comes to summons and pulls from tc20. I’m currently at level 59 and I still don’t have a 5* healer. At the same time I get attacked from 70 and up mostly with maxed heroes that can kill my 4* healers with one hit sometimes which means I’m at a disadvantage most of the time. I wish they would do something about the raid matching system or increase the chance of pulling 5* heroes. Hope it’s ok with me airing my frustrations as I’m having a bad day because my alliance members gave gift donations today and I don’t want to spend anymore money on a game that I’m thinking about quitting.

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You don’t know this. How do you know who they attack with?? They could have a much higher “power” team for attacking that they show on their defense. Even still…who cares? Everyone gets destroyed.


Me too, I lack a five star healer but have a great roster :rofl::joy:
Therefore, I have decided it’s enough money spend and no longer worth investing in this game with limit breaking coming and hamgate.

Great point.

But when you lose 50 cups it indicates
that it was a much weaker team.

Does it even matter? Like really does it even matter? If you loose cups, win cups, what do you actually gain/loose? Nothing… As loot and rewards as is are nerfed makes it incredibly unrewarding and very boring.
Good/Bad Boards could be a factor to it to,maybe some players have better hero’s,who cares.
Eventually, when there is a lack of food and iron sometimes when it comes to raids you think more about raiding teams with more or the most resources just so you can gain some resource to lvl up hero’s, base and battle items,that’s what I do,then I look at their defence team,which now makes it even more pointless and a huge deterrent once limit Breakers come to play.

Saying that, something as petty as hamgate instead of saying to the community, Yup, that’s right, enjoy everyone, no


Exactly! I hope you get a great healer soon​:crossed_fingers:t4::relaxed: GG to you Alex :relaxed:

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I agree, there ain’t a point to compete anymore…
The satisfaction is gone.

That’s why I stopped investing in this company due to the unfair choices they have made.

Even with the new features such as the defense formations they’re going to add to version 37 it’s not going to make a difference when limit breakers come out and new players start investing because the older players are sick of their bs.


I love the game because the community is awesome. It is much calmer and healthier than community of a lot of other games.

And I hate it when I loose a war battle, or when enemy’s heroes hit the same target over and over and the target is a healer. But I don’t hate it much.


Well this is my current defense team, defence formations atm is a very different and fun thing they added, it gets you to think more about the game, what hero’s you can use and amplify.

Eg: taking boring elena or kashrek as tank in reverse double become super beefy, so that’s really fun as a defense and to raid others.

Add limit Breakers, well, yeah no thanks, cause if limit Breakers become available to buy rather than earned, well that will just indefinitely kill the fun… What’s left of it.

SG:most importantly, start rewarding and listening to your community, just do the right thing, cause until then, most players will indefinitely stop investing.

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Not really. It just indicates they had less cups than you.


Exactly. Which in diamond can often mean the opposite - that they have very strong teams that took them up to 2800+ cups after which they logged off and plummeted 200-400 cups.

But as others have said what difference does it make if a weaker team does actually beat you? I never take on a team that has the same or lower TP than me, there is absolutely no challenge there. I also consider going after a Vivica tank team with 400TP more than me as going after a weaker team so I don’t bother with it. I do raids to fill up my chest but also to practice configuring my teams for war and learning how best to use the heroes together. So yeah I typically only raid against teams with 300-400 TP more than mine, and with Freya or Bera or Jade or Heim tanks… should those people get offended that I beat them? I think most people would be raiding stronger/higher TP teams anyway as they would be stacking colors and wouldn’t have the full suite of emblems and troops to choose from as someone would for their defense team

It is a rather odd concern


No…it indicates they had less cups. Team strength has zero to do with it.

My defence currently is 4740 TP but if I change that to 5 1* feeders I’ll drop down and then every team I raid with my now much higher rated team will give me 50 cups because I have less than they do.


But the good news is that now we’ve explained the concept it’s one less thing for you to hate!



Yeah, thanks :joy:

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