I lost one of my heroes, how do I get him back?

So we have a 8* red titan and I went to put Perseus in my rotation and he’s not there…how do I get him back?

Heroes don’t often go missing all by themselves, and SG does not give refunds or replacements for lost heroes as far as I know. Double and triple check your roster, but if you had him and he’s gone then you probably fed him to another hero on accident :frowning: .


Speaking of which: Make certain to mark all “Keeper” heroes and troops as favorites so you cannot accidentally feed them to someone.

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Me too. Plus the 2nd and 3rd copies of heroes I might use, and the high level feeders and trainers I’m saving for later. But I wanted to let him down easy. . .

The same happened to an alliance member of mine. You can submit a ticket. Go to options > support > support again and send a ticket.

Most likely you have eaten your hero. :confused:

To prevent that from happening in the future, ALWAYS “lock” your heroes by favoriting them as soon as you get them.

Click Heroes, click the card, click the lock icon in the upper left corner:


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Rook - there’s been a lot of cases where that’s NOT what happened.

For those other cases, I echo The Chef, contact Game Support.

(Alas, I have heard it both ways. :frowning: )

I LOST ONE HERO 3* BANE I JUST FINISH A GREEN box and receive the epic token and I just pull bane but when I go to chek up is no there I am not feed or do nothing just no appear you guys can explaine to me what happen never before have problem and now something happen and my heroe is gone

If you have not fed him accidentally to another hero, I don’t know what happened. Only Game Support would be able to help you:


Good luck!!

I’ve gotten him back, and yes…he was indeed favored and locked. But thanks everyone.

This has happened to me twice both times after an update

Never was able to find them had to start over first time was a 4* the one missing now is a half way ascended Balthazar