I lost my phone and need help

I’ve lost my phone and can’t back on my game.
Could anybody help me?

Was your phone an android?

@Monroe83. I’ve moved your post to somewhere that is more apt to be seen by the right people. That said, for something like this, a support ticket is needed. Here’s a link to help you. Good luck.


@littleKAF they will not help OP they will tell them get in touch with google is all.
If OP answers the android question and IF it was android I will tell him how to get game back

How to find your Android phone: https://support.google.com/android/answer/6160491?hl=en

How to find your iPhone:

Alternatively get a friend to call your phone.

You can still access the game through another device that supports the game too (tablet for e.g.), as long as you use your Apple Game Center / Google Play account to sign in there :slight_smile:

Good luck finding your phone!

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Was it android???

Did you get a new phone? I just got a new phone & changed from Android to iPhone. If you know your Google password & user name it won’t be a problem. Go to support & look up how to play a game on a different device. I think I just had to download the game on my new phone, do the tutorial, go to settings and sign into my Google account. It went to my old game. I was so relieved!!! I hope you have as easy a time as I did!!! :bouquet:

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If you had an account, just log in. It will have your progress saved.

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