I lost my main account, please help

Hi, to small giants. I lost my main account few days ago after I created an alternate account using same google center account and Facebook account and playing on two separate mobile phones. Is there a way to restore back my main account the same time securing my alternate account? My main account name is Xim level30, alliance: shocker. My alt account name is Xim2 level 14, alliance: shocker.

I lost my main account xim level30 after I accidentally picked the Xim2 at the beginning when I log onto one of my phone the other day. They ask me to pick one account, I always pick my main before, but accidentally picked the alt account the other day, and the option to pick doesn’t show up anymore after I picked my alt the other day.

What should I do now, please help me anyone from SG.

Thank you very much


Found this for you, though not sure how much it’ll help you:

If you require someone from SG to help you, you could try submitting a ticket, but then there was also this announcement:

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Hi kahree,

Thank you for your info. I’m reinstalling the apps to my iPhone now.


i have almoust same problem, but i lost my main accont on ios. please help!!!

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