I lost my account

Anyone can help to recover my account and my name is Rokestar…

From the game FAQ:

Eek, hate 2 weigh in here, but: how is it possible to lose account?
All u do is start from bottom again and maybe bypass some mistakes.
This also gives you more time playing.
Only time it might be frustrating is when you had a bunch of four or five stars and it takes a month to get your high camps back up.
But, timely use of the button called RESET may save many of these problems.,.

I try but no work the same problme

But you guys can gels me to recover my account

When you have invested time and money in an account and it resets to zero against your desire this is a problem, I don’t care who you are.

Telling another player that they get a free reset doesn’t help. :confused:


Try contacting Game Support directly:


Please give them all the information you have (old account number if you have it), plus what you were doing at the time you lost the account; date, time, and timezone sometimes help.

Not supposed to be how it works. The reset button is supposed to discard recent changes, and restore that lost progress.

I’d go by the FAQ first (see my first post in this thread). If you’ve done everything there, and not got your account back, then try contacting support (and I see they have different things asked for in the FAQ); always go by the FAQ first!

Good luck!

You want I should deletion?

No. Please use the link FIRST; do not delete anything until they tell you to. :wink:

Sort Rook i dont know how to save my account can tell me

This is copied from the FAQ. I hope this helps. (If English is not your primary language, please let me know, so I can translate it for you.)

I still cannot access my account!

If you are unable to access your account, please submit a new support request and we can help to recover it.

When sending us a support request, please add the following details:

  1. Exact player name of the account you’d like to recover
  2. Player experience level of the account
  3. The name of the Alliance you belong to, as well as your rank there
  4. The Account Identifier of the account that replaced the original account (the one currently on your device). You can find it by first tapping Menu, then Options and finally About. It’s the string starting with a # sign in the top left corner of the screen.

Please note that we don’t have access to any personal information, including e-mail addresses. Game accounts are identified by their account identifiers. If at all possible, please also connect the new account to the same Facebook profile as the original one. This is of great help when identifying the original account.

Click here for the link to Game Support:


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I did as you said and when I wanted to go the to play I could not come after I deleted the game and then I installed it again

My language is Romanian

Rook o did again:grin:

Did you send a request to game support?

Ați trimis o cerere de asistență pentru jocuri?

I sent where you said

You sent them a request 9 days ago, or 19 hours ago? If in the last day, it will take them a few business days to prochess your request (they are closed on the weekend).

Please let me know; I will flag them if If was many days.

Ai trimis o cerere acum 9 zile sau acum 19 ore? Dacă în ultima zi le va lua câteva zile lucrătoare pentru a vă interzice cererea (acestea sunt închise în weekend).

Te rog anunta-ma; Îi voi arăta dacă Dacă ar fi fost multe zile.

Rook i send again to one player the is Anino if you want you can see there my level and all i have

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