I left and came back because

I left because of similar reasons that Avicious was talking about in another forum. I had dished out Hundreds of dollars and feel I still have a lame team.

I only came back because I missed some of my friends. I’m considering leaving again. I really think some of the heroes should be tweaked. I know some have been fixed in the past but it still kinda sucks. For example Colen needs faster mana. He’s almost ineffective. Even putting him with protection he gets killed before he can use his special. Natalya is. 5* but you wouldn’t think so. She should be able to do more damage! Those are just a couple examples.

I know the game needs to make money but they have gone too far. I think that after you pay a certain amount of Montana have gotten a certain level you should be better rewarded.

I see folks on lower levels that have way better heroes than me as well. It’s like all my efforts are for nothing. I had another member of a group say to me, “if you play for free you can’t expect…” blah blah that really ticked me off and I let her know that I had spent a lot of money hoping to get better heroes! It is highway robbery to say the least!

Sorry to hear about your bad luck. I’ve been playing for 2 years and here and there I’ve dropped a hundred bucks. I can’t complain at all. I’ve got 15 fully ascended heros and a whole fleet of fully ascended 4 and 3* heros. I’ve had good luck and not so good luck with pulls but overall i can’t complain. For example i got a free epic hero token this morning in my titan chest. I used it and got belith and evelyn the hotm. Can’t complain about that. I did try what you did once and dropped a couple hundred bucks and did all Atlantis summons. It didn’t turn out well. Just try in moderation once and see if your luck changes. That seems to work for me. Good luck to you.

15 fully ascended 5* heros

Welcome back to E&P! :slight_smile:

I find it useless to compare my results to others, because all results fall in a bell curve:


You might be average, you might be ahead of the curve, or you might be behind like me. Everyone is together on the curve, but all have different results.


I’ve faced Natalya in raids enough where I feel comfortable saying she is completely fine imo. Sure there’s definitely more preferable heroes of the month that have been made.

Sometimes she’ll devastate you, sometimes she wont. She’s fast and her skills can’t be dispelled— I see no need for her to have to buffed to be always be ultra devastating in special skill damage. Not every hotm needs to be borderline OP and walking the line of game breaking.

I do agree that if they arent going to nerf some of the newer 5* and 4* that are ridiculously stronger and more viable than 90% of what you can get from the training camps then the old heroes should be buffed in some ways to modernize them


Talk about bad luck I did two 10 pull on hero’s and just got two epic the rest was 3 stars. I also did a 30 pull on hero’s and got 6 epic and the rest were yes you got it right 3 star hero’s. I love the game and my alliance just wish like previous writers that we get rewarded more.

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