I learend my lesson complain

Well now I know for a fact this game cheats and isn’t fair. I was doing ok in the raids and ever since I complained, now im losing to everyone! Players just sick weaker than me are beating me. My strikes aren’t doing any damage and I’m only getting 2 or maybe 3 matches before the opposing team gets 5 shots every time. And their weakest players are taking me out. I don’t care what anyone says, this game is fixed!
Dont complain whatever you do!

Let me get this straight…
You complained about something in the game, something you felt was unfair.
Now you’re losing more raids, and you feel like the developers have gone to the trouble to change the game code, just for your account, to get back at you for complaining.
And now you’re back on the forum complaining about losing more raids…


What exactly do you expect to happen here?

If you truly believe that the developers sabotaged you (and only you) for complaining the first time, complaining again would logically elicit the same response, perhaps even on a grander scale.

If you think more logically, it would be both time consuming and cost prohibitive to write a separate code for certain accounts, whether to reward or punish specific players.


The funny thing is that every last person who makes an assertion like this seems to skip the obvious expedient of saying nice things about the game.

It’s almost as if they don’t really believe what they’re claiming, but want to take a swipe at the devs anyway.

And, pulling that thread a bit more: you know what I’ve NEVER seen? Someone praise the game after having complained, and then talk about how much their win rate went up, or how many extra 5* they drew. :face_with_monocle:


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