I killed the strongest titan

I killed a 3 star Goblin King, this is the first time I saw a non-dragon 3 star titan.

:clap: congrats!

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Did you kill it completely by yourself? I know how it is to have a small alliance that doesn’t get up to higher level Titans. We’ve only seen a few non-dragons so far, but we managed to kill a couple of 3-star raging hydras. I killed a one-star dragon completely by myself the other day. We’re down to about 3 active members, so I’m anticipating getting a chance to (maybe) kill a two-star by myself at some point. Probably something yellow, as purple is my best stack right now (Tiburtus+7, Sabina+7, and Ameonna 3^60).

Anyway, congratulations on your kill. Occasionally, you can still get nice loot this way. My last two Titan chests have yielded poison darts and a royal tabard. My 3^70 Onatel and 1^1 Domitia were excited! :smile: