I keep on getting raided more frequent after the last update, did this happen to anyone else?

After the last update the raids just keep on coming, when I log out for a couple of minutes ai get a notice that I have been raided. Usually this would happen over the night but now it is more frequent.

This is quite typical during an update roll out. Fewer players have the right update so the pool of players is smaller.

You may find it harder to find oppenets as well.

Once everyone has the update things should return to normal.

Thx, I suspected that and just wanted to be sure as it looks like a great number of users did not make an update still.

Yeah, agree with that. The thing I am finding a little frustrating is that I cannot revenge people who haven’t updated. I lose my cups, food etc, but cannot go and pillage them in return :frowning:

Also 9/10 times I got raided were defeats :joy:

Also, some folks that have been inactive are usually inclined to come back to check out new updates.

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