I keep getting kicked

While I’m raiding and trying to get food and it kicked me off, has anyone else had this problem recently? Never had a problem before we had tournaments. Are they connected? Makes you think

Post a screenshot the next time you were kicked.

Did you remember anything that appear in the screen when you were kicked?

Cant connect, then off, then it wouldn’t let me back in the game said cannot connect to server, very frustrating. Trying to level up for the war. Oh well, guess I better be ready with what CV i got

Sorry fat fingers or my phone CV whatever wasnt suppose to be there

Have you try different internet provider/wi-fi? I have both wi-fi and mobile data. Sometimes my mobile data can’t connect to the server for whole day but my wi-fi can, sometimes its the other way around.

I have both too since I play only on my phone, wifi says it’s fine, like I said just frustrating, but I’ll be okay.

Same here, CONSISTENTLY getting booted, punted, dropped, ■■■■ bloody sick of it. I cannot take a screen shot of it as has been suggested…I’m booted, have to log back in. The raid I was owning and got booted from because I checked Elenas details…the three times today just clicking on tabs…schizen! Every single update needs patches. I have quit the game twice, third time there is no return, and I ain’t naive enough to think any one gaf.
The issue is game based, not a wifi issue or any other thing.
And what is with boosting certain heroes? Too late…the hero is out, done. You had all beta test time to sort em…epic fail.
Meanwhile, I think I will immerse myself in real life and check back in a month.
Does anyone really care?

I keep getting kicked too, and so does my husband.

I just got kicked while fighting in the war and I was going to beat a tough team. 0 points!

I’m not happy!

This is getting ridiculous! My husband got kicked during his war battle for 0 points. He had two healthy heroes against a weakened Evelyn.

Just now I was kicked when trying to level up a hero. My other tablet is right beside me and wasn’t affected.

It’s not our WiFi!

I haven’t been complaining about the many times it’s happened because I just accepted it as an annoyance. Now that it’s affecting us during battles it’s more than irritating, it’s seriously hampering our game play!

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