I keep getting kicked out of game

Every time I am logged in no sooner game just goes away. Nothing. I got in long enough to send my Alliance a quick message saying what’s going on and it booted me again. Then got back in a little longer. Thought I could FINALLY hit Titan. But got 2 hits in AND LOST THAT FLAG because game suddenly shut out on me AGAIN! PLEASE HELP!

Checked connection. It’s perfectly fine. Everything is showing ABSOLUTELY NORMAL! And Ftr I’ve already did the latest update. What gives? This is SO FRUSTRATING and DISAPPOINTING!

Merrow RavenCrow

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Is your OS also updated? When was the last time you completely turned off your device?

(These are the things that trip me up.) :wink:

From the FAQ:


If you are still having issues, please contact Game Support:


Hello, I have an alliance member that is having the same issues. They have been kicked out of my alliance for no reason by the system. Trying to see if I can get details, will post more later.

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