I just got a Combo 7, Attack 1.6!

I didn’t see a topic on this, but I just got this. I wasnt able to take a screenshot, so you’re going to have to take my word for it. For sake of believability for those that will say I’m making it up, it was 6 combos in a row, after the first match.

Anyone else gotten a combo 7?

Share your stories.


is this some elaborate April Fool’s joke?

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Very cheeky Kayo

Took me 20 seconds to realize what was going on here.


I don’t know why I would have to make up that I got a Combo 7 with an Attack 1.6 multiplier for April Fools. I mean, I knew there’d be naysayers, but the first reply?

I can try and get it again, it’s just hard timing the screenshots.


My highest combo is 22. Your profile in-game will tell you what your biggest combo is.

My highest combo is 23.

Same…mine is 23 too.

Sorry, wasn’t meant to be a “What’s your highest combo?” thread.

Have you guys gotten combo 7’s? I’m curious to hear those stories.


Man, combo 7 is like getting Bowser’s Castle on Mario Kart, tough at first but now I can do it every time, and I know the shortcut if you mushroom boost after the third Thwomp.

Anyway, where was I

Yeah, the real glory is raid streaks. And I got five. And by then my cups were so high that I was up against some guy with three Gravemakers so six is actually impossible.


That’s a shame, without screenshots it’s hard to believe combo 7’s exist right. I’m with ya m8, I got your back on this.


My highest is 24.
I quite often get up to 10, 12, 14 combo’s but my 24 has been there since my 3rd month of playing over 2yrs ago, just can’t beat it, lol.

Have combo’s been nerfed? :crazy_face: :cold_face: I’m already cracking up at those responses, :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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I’m just totally lost, what’s the joke here? Probably don’t want stories about a rather bad fishing rod?


I swear when I get combos they seem to skip right over 7 and go from 6 straight to 8. I have no idea what a combo 7 would even look like.


WOOT I just got one and I’m TOTES EXCITED OMGOMGOMG!!1!


Biggest combo 22

Best combo: having a 19 combo on the challenge event level 15 finale boss stage including double suspicious chest. It cost me time but I’ll take a big score with no items anytime :slight_smile:

That’s HUGE! x1.6 attack multiplier!

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I did a combo 7 once. I probably could have done more, but I was afraid that I would choke. I mean they’re a great snack and all, but not worth risking your life over. :grin:


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