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I have as they say “beginner’s luck” finally beginner I could say, because yes I am a girl and I would even say a woman and a woman of a certain age since I have just turned 60 I started this game slowly around October 20th so not quite a month yet, and I’m already (without buying anything) at level 2 and 3 heroes not badly placed in 3 teams, Bane 3* evolution 3 and level 29; Gunnar 3* evolution 2 level 18; Shaarkot 2* evolution 2 level 30 (I am waiting for the necessary ham resources to make it evolve into 3; Layla 2* evolution 3 level 40; and Toubib 2* evolution 3 level 40 for my first team, then I olaf, sha ji, sharan, julius , medic again in team 2 and Ragnhild, Zudak, silthus, Jenneh and Nash in team 3, I didn’t keep a 1 * except Sharan,I’m evolving all this little world at my own pace, I’m in the quest season 1/13/8,


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I’m in an alliance, I’m making wars and titans and I’m having fun, but first of all, fortunately I’ve been through this forum, For as any beginner I made mistakes quickly caught up, in fact I had evolved after their max and with emblems three of my heroes, sharan, medic and layla, but I quickly took back the emblems and later attributed them to heroes of higher stars I am not against receiving good advice from all those who want to give it to me … I wait with patience to have heroes 4 and 5 * but I believe that this is the desire of any player… so in the meantime advise me, continue to help beginners we need it at the beginning…

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Thanks a lot I think I’ll find a lot of help here

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Concentrate on the 3’s and the good 4’s. Whatever you do do not waste resources on a 5 star at this stage of the game (unless you have a pile of money). Layla and Sha Ji are awesome but don’t waste precious resources on a 1 star, they are just food.

It’s a fun stage to be at. Pretty much everything you pull is an upgrade :smiley: