I hope you've had the time of your life

I started playing Empires in Puzzles in late 2017. In August of that year I took my last steps, as an SCI (spinal cord injury) had robbed me of my ability to walk. It cost me my career, many friends, my social life, and my health, both physical and mental.

One of the things that come with that was pretty crushing anxiety. The only real way to combat that was to keep my mind busy, even with trivial tasks, like matching colored gems. So I found a game that combined my love for fantasy, and my need for routine, and found E&P struck the perfect mixture.

I started out as F2P. I’d never spent money on a mobile game, outside of Pokémon Go, which was my game of choice until I couldn’t walk. I had always justified spending there because it legitimately kept me active, and I always felt like I got return on my investment.

After a few months, and being a bit competitive, I decided I would start spending small amounts. It was $2 here, and maybe $5 there, until I eventually talked myself into a monthly budget as a higher end C2P player. Luckily I don’t have an addictive personality, because I could see how easy it could be to run yourself into thousands of dollars in debt chasing a hero. (I admittedly chased ONE hero in my 3+ years, that being Seshat, and it was around 100 pulls.)

Over the last year the game has pushed further the divide between players who spend, and those who don’t. They’ve made it where in order to compete at a higher level, you don’t just want to have newer heroes, but you NEED newer heroes.

Emblems widened the gap.
HotM power creep widened it more.
S3, new event heroes, new events, all widened the gap.

Costumes were supposed to be an equalizer, but instead of making them easier to come by, they made them another cash grab. I even made suggestions on how they could make costumes easier for F2P, while keeping it worthwhile for players to spend still, but even in beta we got zero feedback on our ideas and our opinions oftentimes seemed irrelevant.

The wearing of the last year on me, between covid, a few personal issues, and the direction of the game, led me to take a vacation right before Christmas. My goal was to log in once a day, do all my tasks, and move on.

Every day become every other day, and then suddenly 3-4 days, and then finally a week.

Then, all the news dropped of costumes for characters already op, more events to spend on, a new season of heroes with a further ridiculous power creep, and I must finally say enough is enough.

I have moved on from feeling like I’m losing an investment by walking away. Seeing the way that the player base is treated, and hearing way too many horror stories, I have no desire to try and rekindle my love for the game.

So, with that I say goodbye. My leaving won’t make a difference to SG, or their bottom line, but it does to me.


I’m glad to hear E&P fulfilled a meaningful purpose in your life, amidst health challenges. I can relate, as I started playing originally while adapting to some of my own health challenges, and found some similar benefits of having the community and game to focus on.

I think it’s good, too, that your incremental evolution away from the game also served you.

It seems you can come away from the whole experience valuing much of your time, and having left when it served you well.

I hope you enjoy whatever comes next, am glad you can move on from the crutch E&P served as, and thank you for your contributions to Beta and the Forum.


I’m glad to hear your slow disengagement for the game, lets you leave without too many regrets. It seems like you had good times with the game, at least the good memories will stay.

Seshat is the queen of my roster too, you have good taste :wink:

I hope you find some other things to play a similar role in your life, keeping busy and adding routine.

Thanks for all your contributions to the community, your leaving will definitely make a difference. Wishing you the best!


All good things come to an end. Try and remember it fondly, it helped you through a tough time and now you don’t need it anymore. All the best to you.



… And to me too! :sob:

As the gate keeper to TI, you ensured only awesome people could enter. You played a pivotal part in building the positive and encouraging culture we have now. Thank you muchly.

Btw, your speedy responses to any and all questions were always appreciated my friend. Thank goodness for the Line app :wink:.

I wish you nothing but success in your future endeavours. Continued blessings, Sarah :two_hearts:.


My end route with any mobile F2P game I’ve played is this:

When I feel burnt out, I stop playing for a week. If, at the end of the week, I miss it, I go back to playing it. If I don’t, I uninstall it.

I have never gone back.


This play-by-play was detailed

And spot on!

It felt genuine and I connected!

Any newcomers should have a gander at what they are signing up for when they make that first purchase.

@WhenWeCollide has layed it out for you. It’s something unmistakable

Thanks, and…

As well!

but in the end… it’s right!


Sorry to hear about your medical ordeal. I can’t really agree with you about S1 costumes. By doing the quests and other things in game they give you a lot of keys and free draws. Just like anything it comes down to luck after that, but costume draws (in a game that’s super stingy) seem the least stingy of the things to complain about.


Much love @WhenWeCollide

It’s a shame seeing you (and others) leave but I understand the sentiment!

GL and best wishes.


Hi @WhenWeCollide,

I know we already chatted on Line and it’s a little more of the same bittersweet farewell, but I wouldn’t be me without a little extra wordiness… lol :joy:

You are one of the shining examples of what is good about E&P and there’s gonna be many people that will miss you and all of your super-nasty, titan killing skills! :trophy::fire:

I truly hope for only good things and happiness in your life!! :star::star2:




Very very very well written. I like how you’ve crafted your prose.

Shall we go back playing PokemonGo? I am F2P there and I have a lot of shinies and 100% stats mons there. My account is still being played by a close office colleague of mine. I can retrieve it back. And I don’t mind pushing you on your wheelchair if it is still possible. Let us rediscover the old world we left and explore the expanded world there. We could have a lot of fun time together.

The community will miss you.

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I an sorry to hear about the SCI. And glad you found a pastime to provide an escape from RLS.
Everything has both a beginning and an end. And you have decided that right now is just about as perfect as can be for you to leave the game. You will obviously be missed by many for your positive contribution to both the game and the forum.
But we all respect your decision. Take good care of yourself, stay healthy, positive and happy.
And very best wishes for your future endeavours


It was a great pleasure knowing and playing along side a wonderful person such as yourself. I am happy that game helped you in coping with your health challenges. I wish you nothing but the very best in life. You will be sorely missed. Stay safe and take care, my friend.



This is such an eloquent and beautiful post.

You were my entry into TI, and the reason why I’ve been lucky enough to have such an amazing, supportive alliance. It was such a pleasure to be your teammate, and you will be hugely missed by all of us. Wishing you all the very best, take care of yourself and the family :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



I hope your walking ability returns fully without aid soon. As for this game, I totally agree with you. It’s a stinking loss for many. When I first started, I loved playing the game. Got several HoM including five Seshat’s. I spent hundreds the first year of playing and now, three years or more, I play another game and have spent less than $30 in a week and have gotten much farther in the game in that time with freebies and earned items than a full year with this. I only play now because I was an alliance leader and we merged. I have new players and play to help them out. Otherwise, I’d probably do as you, walk away. I have lots to do inside the home, piano and drum. Even more outside, moved to west coast Washington state.
I hope you are able to enjoy your life to the fullest and find quickly, what makes you happy.

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All the best for the future @WhenWeCollide.

There have been some very well written, and heart-felt, “I’m leaving” threads, and this is another.

Giving reasons for both enjoying the game and for leaving, offer a far greater insight than just posting how crap this, that and the other are. You have obviously far more pressing issues than a match 3 game and I hope you can recover from your injury.

My wife had extensive spinal surgery, and while not a SCI specifically, she had to learn to walk again. So, having some limited knowledge of these injuries, I once again wish you all the very best. :slightly_smiling_face:


Wish I could say that SG would read this and realize they are chasing away long term players, but for every person that leaves, 2 more probably download it and spend more then an old timer would. It’s sucks, but that’s just the way it works. Wish SG would give us the option to try and get the costume without the hero to make it easier to get, but knowing SG, they won’t so it.


I too have resolved to slowly make my own exit from this game. I got into it last year around late July because a bunch of my online friends asked me to join them. It seemed fun with the community-building features with titans and war and it I found that the game had a lot of depth to it despite being a match 3 mobile game. Also due to covid and working from home, I wasn’t spending like I used to weekly so I was willing to spend some cash on the game.

The one thing that absolutely frustrates me to no end is the fact that pulling heroes is the worst aspect of the game. Just to give some context, I have two alliance mates whom I’ve known for many years and are the ones that got me into the game. One of them started 2 months before I did, they are already at 40-50+ 5* heroes, and multiple 5* of each color already maxed. I don’t even have a full rainbow team of 5* maxed yet (4/5, missing purple 5*). I have another alliance mate that started 2 months after I did, and he’s nearly the same as the one mentioned before. Every event, these two guys are pulling 5* from single/10/30 pulls as if they had like 30% chance every single time. Meanwhile my pulls are 3/4*, most of which are either dupes or S1.

The next thing that frustrates me: ascension materials. This business models makes absolutely no sense. They want us to pull heroes yet they don’t want us maxing them and gate them behind arbitrary materials required for ascension. I don’t know about others but I don’t see any reason to keep pulling heroes if I can’t even ascend the ones I have.

All in all, I’m done spending cash on this game. It’s pretty clear SG doesn’t have much of a long-term strategy. They’re chasing the dollars with cashgrabs.


I also feel the game helps me with my anxiety and found your truth insightful. We can all hope we walk away from this game and the friends we’ve made happy. Thank you for sharing

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Sorry to see you going but glad that you finally let go. It was hard to cut back on empires at first did a similar thing as yourself. Currently I log in once a month just to say high to some friends and basically continue to steal good people from a game that doesn’t care about its player base to one that does. Empires had its run and if you wanna come along with some of the other players that put in as much time as yourself hit us up on the line app :slight_smile: my ID. Is kucherbalzov. Hope to hear from you and glad you were able to not be a sheep.