I heard a rumor- 5* like scratch off, X total


This morning, I talked to my alliance about me spending over 2k for epic hero pulls and the the result was one 5 star hero and one hotm…:persevere:

I was basically cursing on my bad luck and talked with my alliance how I could obtain only two 5 star heroes after 2K! :rage: I heard other players obtained 5star heroes with just singme pulls…or free epic hero tokens…sigh*:anguished:

One of my alliance member said that all players are sharing odds to balance out releasing 5* heroes out in the game. That means, if other players pull 5* heroes, the chance of pulling 5* heroes for others decrease…:imp:

I want to believe that is not true…what do you guys think about this rumor?

I hope it isn’t true but if it is, we’ve been spending our money for buying no chances of pulling 5* while we have been in believe for chances of pulling 5* heroes.

As far as I know, it’s all random number generated. Therefore odds of getting 5* are the same every time you draw, regardless of what everyone else draws. Are you saying you purchased 200,000 gems and received only 2 5*?


I have a great deal I can offer your friend on tinfoil lined hats. They’ll stop the orbital mind control lasers cold.

Seriously, why do people have to invent conspiracy theories? If the devs don’t play straight with the odds, ultimately they kill the golden goose and lose any trust or money from potential customers.


Alright take it easy Paulon! I don’t think Angela is saying she believes there’s some conspiracy to keep her from getting 5* heroes… That IS some seriously crappy luck, but such is the nature of RNG! Sorry Angela, I hope you have better luck in the future!


You mean you ave spent 2000 gems or 2000 €/$ ?

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No, this is just supposition on the part of your Alliance mates. it’s math and chance pure and simple. I had a horrid run of luck with this event as well. I did not receive a single 5* event hero or a HoTM at all and I had spent a LOT of money.

Thank you for sweet comforts, people.

I spent roughly 2000 dollars.

It was started with spending $39.99 for 2800 gems. I pulled my first 5* hero in my first pull which I though I was very lucky and it turned out vicious circle after. I’ve tasted how sweet pulling 5* hero could be so I literally bought all the offers and tons of gems after and constantly attempted to pull other 5* heroes, hoping to pull one which never happened :pensive:

I opened up my bank account, tracked my spending over 3 months of playing E&P and it was around 2000dollars…:disappointed_relieved:

No more spending, I promise to myself. I will take time to develope my empire and lv.20 Training Camp for 5* heroes

@LastCall101 @Elpis


Oh, ok.
Nope, there’s no proof that other may “steel” your chance of having a 5*. What they talking about is merely a data collection of many players to “understand” more or less what the odds are.

On the opposite, some of us track when many people gets a HotM in a certain day and do some summons in that same day cause they think you have more chance.

That’s crappy luck, but crappy luck is exactly the big problem with small odds. Given small odds, some folks will get all the crappy luck. And turns out you were one of those players. Comfs…

There’s no dependence on other player’s outcome in hero summoning, I don’t believe that for one bit. Stuff like that, it would at some point in time come out in the open someway somehow, and you’d have a game company with a totally ruined reputation. Totally not worth it and given what we can tell of SG’s financials, totally not needed as well.

The odds of success for a 5-star hero from a summon are just truly really low and this makes streaks of “bad luck” the norm, and streaks of “good luck” the jackpot exception everyone will post about to show it off. That rumor is a classic variant of the Gambler’s Fallacy, I reckon.

Good luck with your TC20’s, the key to running those is persistence: get two doing the L20 training 365/24/7 and you will get a slow trickle of 5-star heroes - the odds of being that one person that has 2 running for a year and gets none are so incredibly slim it’s practically impossible.

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Gambler’s Fallacy anyone? What are they thinking, that they get the same seeding or something? LMAO and then someone else also gets a HOTM and BAM they all go into confirmation bias mode too.

Gambling and objective reasoning don’t pair too well, indeed. Too many emotions and warped perceptions involved. Devs don’t need to pull any tricks on us, our minds are very well capable of doing that on their own TROLOLO :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:


I started play this game 5 days after my friend and while I’ve no legendaries he pulled 4 of them:

  • Perseus and Aeron: HOTM, drew along with rare and epic heroes
  • Quintus and Richard: drew from training camp’s legendary training

Odds are that drawing a legendary hero is better with legendary training and Id say that you should not mind rumors but push at lv20 your camps and then collect heroes for 0 gems.

Not saying it works or not, just that some people use that as reference.

It is based on the theory that odds are not the same every day of the month, and considering that there is no confirmation or denial from SG side and that number of HotM can really be regulated to not exceed, i don’t personally see it as a funny conspiracy.

I’ve never had to spend over $100.00 to get 5 star heroes. If I don’t get them, I just wait for a couple of months.

You have no clue what you’re talking about, so maybe don’t.

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I think Rigs’ statement is essentially true (maybe a bit overstated) but totally misplaced; offering advice where none has been requested.

I spent about $300 last event to try for Guinevere, but didnt succeed.
However I got 10 5* heroes: Lianna, Leonidas, Justice, Azlar, and SIX hotm Aeron…
It amuses me to the bones that you only got 1 5*. Almost every x10 pull brought me a HOTM…
I heartly and honestly believe that luck (and bad luck) are attached from the moment you create your account. I have a friend with 8 months playing and he has 6 5* heroes. Ok. He spent about $1000. Then he created an alt account and less than 2 months later, with $50 spent, he has 4 5* heroes!! All of them from pure luck with gem summons (elemental) or epic tokens. One epic token gave him Lianna and Delilah!! I already told him to try and make that his main account :sweat_smile: :joy:


To me summons works this way:

  1. the RNG try to determine if the draw will be a 3/4/5 star, following the percentage
  2. once that the star level is set a second RNG will determine wich hero will you draw
  3. on epic/elemental/event summon the RNG will try to see if you get the HOTM

so maybe on elemental summons you’ll have more chance to draw the hero you want (if its not a event related hero), having less heroes subjects to the roll, but the odds of 4 and 5 stars heroes will be the same.

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But why? Why the hassle of having different odds at different days? Why the hassle to add extra control upon low odds that already provide an adequate level of control? Why introduce such a mechanism for extra buyer’s remorse, which does -not- work for you at all as a gaming company?

If anything, I’d see SG manipulating summoning odds in favour of us to prevent nasty bad luck streaks like the OP, because such cases aren’t exactly positive advertisement. And besides, getting the 5-star is just the beginning. Hook, line and sinker, because now you have to level them up.

I’m guessing you’re seeing a quick cashgrab in there? What if SG does fine without having to pull such nasty tricks? And they like to keep it that way because happy gamers that spread the word are important to a growing gaming company?

I’m all for theories, but if your evidence is this narrow, that makes them rather hard to believe for me. That said, we wouldn’t be needing to theorize if SG was simply open about the odds of the summons. Now that would be a breeze of fresh air, right? Random would still be random, but at least we’d know what odds we’re facing. Seems fair, particularly if you’re spending upwards of 2.000 $. If a roulette table can do it, I’m sure a mobile game could do it too.

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What, like a wi flag? (google it, famous game bug)? Again: why? I honestly can’t think of any proper reason why a gaming company would do that?

Your anecdotes and the OP’s story indicate to me that the odds of summoning a 5-star hero/HOTM are low enough that you won’t be able to estimate the amount of 5-star heroes in a player’s possession with a lot of confidence based on how much they spent, right up to the amount of spending 2k $.

If you think that through, that’s actually an argument not to spend much on summoning, or at least not to spend such amounts expecting a huge haul. Not that it would stop anyone from doing so. We’re humans. We enjoy the thrill, the prospect of the possible big prize too much. And if we’ve got the cash to spare, why not take a shot for the fun of it. I think the OP gave herself somewhat of a challenge, promising not to spend anymore.

This makes sense in some ways. As randomness is a double edge sword, at times it can happen too often or not enough. i.e. getting a 5* hero. There are certain rules that developers may implement as to keep the game balanced. Case in point…On one hand they’d like to keep the delivery of 5* heroes completely random, i.e. they can’t dictate who gets what and how often, but they may be able to control how many (% in relation to the number of active players, and other factors but let’s leave it at that for now) 5* heroes are in circulation at any given time. So, there is some logical explanation as to why the system would scale back the delivery of these 5*s, IF its already delivered ‘X’ amount on a daily basis for example, many of those to the same players. I can tell you that I probably received about 10 Aerons over the course of 1 week, where another alliance member received none, maybe I go them all ? hahaha
Developing with randomness as a driving factor to game time experience is like playing whack-a-mole, there’s a ton of fine tuning as they can’t account for every scenario…So, in short, I don’t know if theory is true or not, but from a programming perspective it would make sense that it would be part of a large umbrella of game rules, widely referenced as the infamous ‘RNG’ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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