I Haven't seen any orichalcum sea dragon for october's atlantis

Hello everyone,

I’m not sure if it’s a bug or something else.
But I’ve upgraded the version to 24.1.0 build 1145. And for this atlantis episode, I haven’t seen any orichalcum in Season 2 Level Hard… after more than fifty battle… wherever I’m farming.
I tried level 26 down to level 1.

Last month, I got at least 1 sea dragon appearance every four battle.

Is there a bug or is it on purpose?

Has anyone seen this issue?

Thanks for your help!

Fought 26 so far this Atlantis rises. So yes they appear. You have simply been unlucky or overlooked them.

You may take a look at berry’s sheet for better levels to farm.

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On my main account with 49 WE, using few flasks and ~150-200 tickets on every AR i have 60 something dragons altogether at this point.

On my alt with 35 WE, with half of that amount of flasks and tickets used I’m over 100 now and obtained an avatar today… So yeah, rng gonna rng.

I’m not doing any statistics on that, but I have an impression that I get many more seadragons while doing stages for the first time on that alt account, almost every other stage, and today I had 2 dragons on one stage twice.


Thanks. I’m going to keep them separate as this is a bug report and the other provides information. However, I do agree this is not a bug. If indeed the ratio noted on the first post is true, I’d say the OP was very lucky last AR.

I will make the following references though.


Was filling a holy elemental chest in S2-13/1 and ended up with 23 coins. So in my case no there are plenty of sea dragons to be found. But RNG will RNG you. You’ll have runs of incredible luck (see above) and the next thing you know you get a rock.
Good Luck and I hope it swings your way!!

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If had about 10 today 5 was on 1-4 N got me the dinosaur avatar never gonna use it!

60 coins from about 50 loot tickets and another 10 from farming.

So, my rate has been massive this AR. I have been averaging 30-40 dragon per AR on 200-300 loot tickets.

This round, I have seen over 80 on 300 tickets. tickets spent on 1/2N and 12/10N.

Thank you very much for all your answers.
Finally got to use almost all my loot tickets and got a few of them.
In fact they are much more rare than the last atlantide.

So… no bug… problem is between keyboard and chair… (sigh!)

Thank you again.

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