I have to wait how long to max a 5* hero's class..?

In a 30 day period, you get the following emblems for one class:

There are 2 events that give you 36 emblems in total
If you’re VIP: One emblem each day, 30 days, 10 classes: An average of 3 emblems
The amount of emblems you get from titans, chests, etc. varies from player to player, but from my own experience I would say around 10. Some could get more, others less, of course.
Let’s say you get one colored chest per month. I’ve seen players in my alliance get everything from 5 to 50 emblems in such a chest. Since there are 10 classes, the average per month would be 0.5 to 5 emblems in the long run

In total, we’re looking at an estimate of around 50 emblems per month for one class

To max out a 5* hero, you need 1500 emblems. So if my estimate is correct, we have to wait 30 months, or 2.5 years, before we get to see a maxed class on a 5* hero. Is this justifiable, or do we need something to speed things up? I’ve heard rumors about emblems in the shop (not a fan of btw), but even if we add an extra 50 emblems per month, it would still take well over a year

approx 1 year , more or less if you completed all trial and get lucky in chests for Emblem

I think that @Petri said that the desired rate by design was about a year. The weekly raids are supposed to also be a source of emblems.

@Kerridoc did some speculative reasoning, and arrived at these rough estimates:

Those estimates were based on the announced sources of Emblems:

And a subsequent attempt to interpret them into hard numbers:

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