I have the impression that my heroes and troops are slower in war

I feel that my heroes are not getting mana charge as fast as I expected or as I seen them in the raid … It is it just my idea or is it happening to you too? :slightly_frowning_face:

One reason there might be a difference is because of troops. You probably end up assigning troops differently during war hits than the way you normally do on your raids. Certain troops affect mana speed. That’s the only reason I can think of. Other than that I’ve never noticed any difference.


But the troops are the same. I don’t have so many troops to chose, and I made a test using the same team formation… and they don’t work the same in the raid and in the war… It’s seen to me that the SG makes more difficult the war in some way

How have you tested it?

For me I know exactly how many tiles my heroes take to fill their mana bar and it’s always been consistent between raids and wars.

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I used the same team, heroes and troops, in a raid and in a war attack. In the raid, my ice heroes charged their mana with 3 combes of 3 gems. However in the war took 5 combes. Something was different. I said to my friends, that I will try to record it again. I have noticed that several wars ago, but last one I put more attention :slightly_frowning_face:

Well if what you’re saying is true then your only option is to record it and submit a ticket as proof.

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Have you noticed if the tiles were hitting heroes or were they going “in the void” ?

Ghosting tiles charges your hero much faster than when they hit opponents.

For example with Guardian Jackal (Very fast) equipped with a lvl 17 4* troop, I need 6 tiles to fill my mana by hitting heroes VS only 3 tiles ghosted.

At the beginning of an raid or war attack you don’t have “void” … and I cannot charge my heroes in the same way… I am playing this game for almost 3 years, and it is just now that I notice that differences.

Some enemies reduce your mana speed like little John or telluria, maybe this is the issue.


That’s true, good point!. But I didn’t have those enemies.

Perhaps during the next war, try to record the observation, then compare with a recorded raid battle to see if there is any difference.


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