I have shield to raise 01 hero 4 * Titan Blue

For Blue Titan

I have shield to raise 01 hero 4 *

Melendor, Little John, Skittleskull.

I only have 02 green Hansel and Caed.

Which of the 03 would be better to climb to Tita and more useful on other occasions.

Melendor, especially if you don’t have other healers.

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I have Sabina, BT and Kiril

I’d still say Mel for Wars, Raids, and Titans…If you are opposed to having another healer, the Little John easily over Skittles.

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I would save the materials for Hansel or Caed, THEN Melandor. You have several other healers.

Caed and Hansel full

I’m looking for a 3rd green for Titan.

I ended up Melendor, I believe to be more useful in other occasions. Thank you

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Ah, from the way you wrote it I read it as they were on their second ascension. Then yes, I’d go Melandor. LJ would be my next choice.


You chose correctly. Healer plus large tile damage.

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You already have Sabina so I would go with Little John. He hits harder than most 5 stars. He’s squishy but he’s a beast.

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For Alliance Wars you ideally have 12 healers, so Melendor.

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I thought exactly about the war, thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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