I have question that need to know pls help


Pls help me!, my question is this, i have around 30 trainers heroes. Can i use it to ascent my 5 star hero even if he is not in full 8 yet


How high level is your 5*? Do you have mats for final ascension?

If not, then it might spend some time at 3rd ascension, and having 8/8 would make it a bit more usable.


But can i use those trainer if like alasie at 2.60 but her power is not in the max yet. Can i use it? Like kadelen at 2.60 n also caedmon, at 3.60 can i use the trainers heros?


You can use them for sure but they do not yield much as far as leveling the heros special. They just yield more XP for leveling.


I always use trainers at the moment I get them, only exception is on 3* heroes.
I have never had a 4 or 5* not be 8/8 before they are lvl 70 (either 4/70 for 4* or 3/70 for 5*)


Ok thanks guys for the help yur all the best