I have only 3 baracks for my heroes

I have only 3 baracks to train my heroes. Why ??? I have 1 empty space where i may build only forge ( i have 3 forge now)

you will get another later as you level up

All 3 baracks are at lv 20
Stronghold lv 20

Did you turn one of your training camps into the troop barracks? If so, you can revert it back to a training camp and use something else, for example a forge, for your troop barracks.


The Base page of the wiki explains the basics behind building up your base and can go in a little more depth if you like…

Generally speaking: you’re right. As you level up and gain more building space, you are forced to build specific buildings. Because of this, the numbers of each type of building that you have is pre-determined by the game. The best that you can do is use what you have efficiently and effectively. :slight_smile:

From what I read above, you likely have a Barracks build on top of one of your Training Camps. You’ll probably want to convert it back to Training Camp, build that forge, level it up to 5, and convert THAT into a new Barracks.


Thanks. I done like you said. Its ok now.

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