I have not been attacked in raid tournament during the past few days

I know my defense isn’t the greatest. Thats why I don’t understand no one attacked it. Should.be the other way round. Therefore, crooked matchmaking.

If your defense in not the greatest, it could be because those at your level were eliminated from the tournament. I know this one I didn’t do to well in. Only top 50% and I’ve been gone for a while.

Mine wasn’t attacked once in the recent tournament. I finished in the top 10%.

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Ended up top 5% because I won more than usual, so there should have been an ample supply of opponents. It’s just crooked.

Dear Team,
in the current tournament, my defense just faced a single fight (which they lost). While still being in the tournament, no further fights occurred resulting in a steady E-rank for my tournament-Def team. Is the MM algorithm working properly in this case? KR, Hugh

This is perfectly normal. The system randomly matches opponents, and there is no guarantee how many times you will be attacked.

I have seen tournaments where I was not attacked even once; and others where I was attacked dozens of times.

What is normal about this? :slightly_smiling_face:

Anyway, there are other threads opened about this issue. @zephyr1 @DaveCozy @littleKAF

What is the defense team power?

Can’t tell exactly but was 5 maxed 4* plus level 16/17 troops. Doesn’t seem to be extraordinary in any way.

Each opponent of a tournament match should attack and defend.
Like back and forth.

Is it emblemed? Those with high power tend to get attacked more than those with lower power because of the matchmaking system.

Matchmaking system has it‘s flaws but SGG stated that they are not working on it or any improvements to it. So better take it as it is. Next will be better

I finished 1% and had 0 hits on my defense. Lost attack twice. No excuse for this

I rarely finish top 25%, and I have never had my defense attached fewer than a dozen times. It would be interesting to track this. It sounds like the “randomizer” in the algorithm may be off. A 1% should never NOT be attacked.

For Future bugs/ issues relating to Tournament Defences not being attacked, please refer to the below [Master] thread:
[Master] Tournament Defence Not Attacked Much / At All / Very Often

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