I have not been attacked in raid tournament during the past few days

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I was attacked in a single match and no one attacked more during the past few days making me rank e.

The default is E, I guess, as your defense gets more wins it’s start to improve.

What is your defense team power? If it is low, then maybe the opponents at your range already have 4 defeat thus out of attack chance.

The default is C. The OP have 1 defeat and 0 win (0% win rate), so it got E.

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Vào Th 6, 12 thg 7, 2019 lúc 18:58 yelnats_24 via Empires & Puzzles Community Forum smallgiantgames@discoursemail.com đã viết:

You are indeed unlucky… that defense is high enough that it normally should have been attacked more than once.

You should submit a support ticket. This seems to happen a fair amount to people, and I certainly hope it’s not the intended behavior.

Here’s how to submit a ticket:

If you have any difficulty submitting, just reply to this message and I’ll do what I can to help you.

Well looks like everyone picked me :joy::joy::joy:
I lost count at day 2… but today is day 5 and i have sufered 20+ atacks each day… except for the first one… first day i was only attacked 10 times…
This is my defense log… only shows last 30 attacks and the last one recorded was only 1d ago…

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Well, once again, my defense is not being attacked in the current raid tournament. Which is not only strange but a mayor bug. Given that you can’t “swipe left” on your opponent, I have to assume everyone that saw my defense (which isn’t great after all) just threw out their phone and stopped playing forever.
It is direly needed to repair the crooked matchmaking.


Tournament over. Not a single attack. How is this fair or “well matched”?

Can we get a screenshot of your top five non-blue 4* heroes?

Went in with maxed Boldtusk, maxed rigard, maxed caedmon, unmaxed Colen, maxed Wilbur. TS 3497

Sorry, had to reassemble as tournament is over.

I really don’t think team lineup has anything to do with whether or not you get attacked in a raid tournament. Normal raids, sure, potential attackers will target you if they think they can beat you, and avoid you if your defense looks intimidating.

It’s been a while since I participated in the raid tournaments, but I assume they still operate the same way - you get matched against a randomly selected opponent and you don’t get to reroll, correct? If that’s the case, roster shouldn’t matter at all. Every team should be getting attacked more or less the same number of times. Or once, at the very least. No player who opted in to the tourney should go through the entire thing without even getting attacked one time, that’s ridiculous.

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I agree. That’s why it annoys me so much.

I don’t blame you one bit. That’s one of the things that annoyed me early on about the tournaments. I thought they were supposed to be “fixing” it. Apparently it’s still not fixed.

Only thing they “fixed” is that you at least have to rebuy once… :slight_smile:

Hah! Yeah I saw that little trick they snuck in under the radar. “Oh we saw that you guys need another day of raid tournaments!” LOL yeah right. More like… not enough people are buying refills. How can we make people buy refills?

More emblems for your top heroes in the category required for the tournament (3, 4 or 5 stars), whether they are in your team or not, seems to have a heavy influence on matchmaking.

I have no emblems on any 3* or 4* hero and always end up with 3-7 defenses. Have all on 5* except that 1000 emblems are saved since I’m not sure how I want to reset some emblems after getting a few new heroes. My 5* ends up with 20-40 defenses each time.

Going 2-1 or 1-2 the first day doesn’t say much about how good your defense is but with no new attacks it will be a 2500 point difference at the end of the week. Not fair in any way.

No problem. That lineup is not too far off from what I could put up. Granted, we’re at the lower end of the spectrum, but I had eight attacks this time around. If things were balanced, you should have seen at least a few. You generally don’t get attacked by teams that are stronger than your best five, so being on the lower end, there are fewer teams to be matched up to you. I don’t like the rules either, but your experience isn’t unreasonable.

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