I have no words for such luck


Thank you for sharing this!

And I apologize in advance for any incoming posts explaining your missing words as random number generator. :face_vomiting:

Your video made me cringe and laugh at the same time. You don’t need those pixels!
I was yelling at you to STOP
But the gems continued to refill…

I would say better luck next time
But, that would be a lie!
Take luck into your hands and keep your money! Also… ignore the posts from others who show their single pull for 5* ninja.
Rest assured they don’t show the other pulls.

You can see the truth in rosters with dupe hotm
Sorry for your luck. But if you run with this,
You will be better off in the long run
By not dumping money into cards that will deteriorate and need a costume in the near future

Then you will do this again?
Awaken my friend


thanks, I don’t have any 5 * ninja and I want to get it yes or yes but it couldn’t


This game sucks! How much money they suck out of players is ridiculous!


Terrible luck. Been there. For every one of those “look I got one with free tokens”, there’s many more like that video. Better luck next time.


I am getting tired of this bs! Sorry but I need to vent!


All I can say is thank you very much for being such a great supporter of this game thus why players like myself can play and enjoy this game for free.

Having said that! doing 10 or 30 pulls is a waste of time, in my 4+ years of playing I have about 40 to 50 five star heroes plus another 50 I have fed into each other, only just last week ago I fed another 20 five star duplicates into each other to make room because it will be years before I get mats to feed them all and most I never use use anyway.

As I never ever do more than 2 or 3 pulls at a time and most times only 1 pull as I have my own little technique for pulls, All these 5* s I have had I have gotten within the 1st, 2nd or 3rd pull.

I breaks my heart when I see tons of vids on these forums from players that spend so much money on 10 and 30 pulls without success. But I truly do thank you for supporting the game.


Why wouldn’t you save these for the Soul Exchange?


I still have plenty of spares, needed to make room as I am not spending so I am making room for newer heroes and feeders. 325 spaces and only had 5 left for feeders and refuse to keep spend 500gems on 5 spaces continuously, might more tempting if it was 10 spaces for 500gems but to be expected to spend so much on pulls like these poor souls as shown by this OP plus the cost 5 spaces, utter rediculous, so now if I haven’t got the room I make it.

I spend about a gran over the course of my first 2years of playing and then WOKE UP to the fact that it was spent for no good reason as mats don’t keep up thus new pulls just sit there for years doing nothing at all so last 2years it’s been nothing but Free Play.

Plus what’s soul exchange going to give me that I haven’t already got for the amount of 5* I requires per exchange.

If I remember correctly there isn’t any season 4 or 5 heroes in the mix.

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Garjammal or however you spell it


I’ve been dealing with 2 spare spots for the last month or so. I refuse to feed duplicates before then, so soul exchange can’t come quickly enough…


…exactly why summons need to be well considered in this game!..more reason to be cautious, some cards may end up having two or more custumes in future :shushing_face: who knows?

I feel for you mate, such a disappointing result of summons!


I have really bad rng in S3 pulls so I stopped doing any summons in that portal. I suggest you to save your money if you feel u are unlucky in some events :blush:

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You seem to be a patient, persistent person. I am a F2P player, I can only summon heroes with 3000 gems 2x a year. when I just got a trash hero I stopped playing for 1 day, to calm my heart. salute to you.


So do I: Tapping the summon button and hoping for the best. As of right now, it is the only technique available.


I always feel like Ninja Tower pulls are like this. I have never received a 5* ninja, despite having done a fair amount of pulls (particularly when it first started).
Since then I have given up. I think Ninjas just aren’t in my stars. My 4 pulls in this latest event were all Ishtak, Ulmer, Belith, Ganju again, so my feelings for Ninja pulls stays the same.

Best of luck if you do more pulls, and really really sorry you had such bad luck. It’s heartbreaking.


There is a ‘cheat’ strategy that you can find online which suggests that there is some way of testing the ‘streakiness’ of RNG. The theory is that by doing silver token pulls and pulling 2* troops, the streakiness is ‘hot’, and then you can try free pulls in the event.

I don’t believe it works, but you know what people are like. Everyone has some measure of superstition about something, so there will always be people who swear by little things like this.


This hurt to watch. After reading the title, I really hoped it’s not a sarcasm and one of those 10 pulls will grant you 3 legendary Ninjas at once.

Sadly, the chance is 1%. And that means, 100 pulls is not enough to score one. Even if they use all the tricks to make you think it does. I learnt that the hard way on first iteration of Magic Tower, where I saved my gems for like 4 months to get those heroes, and ended up getting one legendary in 150 pulls.

Stay strong and don’t overspend.


I have one, and it’s Jade. I’d probably feel better not having any at all…


I learned one thing from this video. Selten means rare in a foreign language.