I have no use for heroes and my camps are overfilled, what now?

Due to a lack of ascension items and poor draws from summons, I have no one to spend my heroes on. One camp has over 1000 heroes loaded and several dozen finished. Two other camps are getting into the same boat. The 4th one is researching TC20 and will just be doing that.

Does everyone run into this eventually because of not having 5 star heroes and not getting the ascension items needed to advance them or even 4 stars?

If you don’t have so many heroes, why you do three economic queue and only one legendary?

I have nothing to do with them. I’m even at 108/95. I can’t even draw them out of the camps so they keep backing up. I have no one useful to feed them to because of 5 star rarity and ascension item rarity.

I feel like it’s kind of the end of the game, I cannot progress except maybe if I get lucky from tc20.

I’ll have to move all of them out of one so I can start my 2nd camp to 20 I guess, but still no where to put then and no use for them.

Thats a shame.
Stockpile is really cool, but not if you waste them to make space to upgrade your tc.

I may have stockpile too, but knowing that soon i’ll be finished levelled all the 4* i want i just choose to decrease training and go slower but instead working of having 4 tc20 for do only legendary and get the 5* i need.

Seems you have to do some good pulls?

Need to get lucky with tokens or tc20, I’ve done enough 10 draws and mostly been disappointed, so I’m done doing that.

Anyways my new philosophy is ascension items first, then try for a hero I need, then feed him/her, so I’m still bottlenecked

Keep piling them there until you get some hero to level. Or get new heroes. Good to have a variety of heroes for different color titans, different raid opponents etc.


You could work on rare heroes to improve your beginner level event’s team, no incredible rare ascension :person_in_lotus_position: items here!


I would if the beginner completion rewards were worth it. It just takes energy and battle items away from trying to place higher in intermediate (64th last time, learned a lot, hoping make top 50 next time!) and even completing advanced. But no, not until they make beginner worth doing… for anyone but beginners.

You can solve this problem by organising your training camps.

Your goal is to have your one TC20 queued up with as many trainings as you can, a second training camp being levelled so that it gets to TC20 as soon as possible, a third training camp queued up with level 4 or level 11 trainings (whichever is slower - is it 4?) to mop up any excess recruits you have, and a fourth training camp idle.

To get there, you’ll have to clean up your surplus heroes by feeding them to someone, so you can then carefully shuffle your recruits and food between training camps. It’s not difficult, but it can be a bit fiddly.

When you are organised in this way, you will reduce the stream of heroes you are producing to a dribble. You’ll have one chance every two days of producing a 5* hero, albeit only a 5-7% chance. When your second training camp hits level 20, that will become one chance a day, you will start work on levelling your third camp, and your whole world will be wine and roses.


I ran into the same issue. Sort of, not quite as bad…But I had to start making choices on what heroes I actually wanted to keep in the long run. I had to feed many 5* heroes to others simply because I just don’t see me ascending them anywhere in the near future. So, sad to see them go but oh well…This game is forcing us to stock pile amazing heros all because they ascending items are so rare…I almost hate to say this, but it almost feels like the 5* heroes should become even scarcer. What’s the point of having them if they’ll just sit there…? Anyway, trying leveling up 3* & 4* heroes as well…

I deliberately let my finished heroes pile up. You can have unlimited finished heroes in training camps then when you get a 5* with all the ascension items, quickly level it up:


I was thinking what a lovely problem to have…I never have enough heroes queued. May you get a 4 or 5* soon! :wink:


Many people have no such problem. I made quite a few 10x pulls and have only Natalya…

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I’m so close to what your describing. I can’t wait to get to Wineroseville!

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If you have no heroes you want to invest in, then I recommend doing what I’m doing. All 4 camps are TC20, 3 of them have a 30 day queue of production, the 4th I am doing one legendary at a time, so that way, if I need the camp free, I’m within 2 days of having it available. The stream of heroes I get just from the map is still enough to invest in some 4* I really don’t care all that much about.

Unfortunately I’m having REALLY bad luck with TC20. I’m currently 2 for 112 with 5*. It’s been 68 TC20 pulls since my last 5*

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If you have more completed heroes waiting in a training camp ready to be pulled out compared to hero slots in your roster, do you lose the excess ones if you try to pull them out? Or do they stay in the camp?

They stay in the camp.

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When will I ever …

I am having the same pathetic luck with TC20. Currently have 2 running with about 20 more queued up. No 5* yet. I have spent hundreds on this game, probably pulled 10X spins at least 20 times and only got Sartana and Elkanen. Including the random tokens, that’s less than 1%. I usually buy the special but have not the last 3 times and will not until I start getting the rare ascension items. Started playing Legendary so money is going there for now. It’s a much better game although I do enjoy this. Hope the devs read this board and see the countless number of players who have left this game or closed their wallets. If we hit them in their wallet maybe something will change.

I am curious how many times you have run TC20, and what have you got? There is a Results thread here:

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