I have listened to a lot of things recently. Here is a Forum summary from my world!

Firstly, there is a “liked” and non “liked” thing to this place? No and you, poor stranger (as you like anonymity), will now be on the remorseless “likes” list!

Telluria. Plant Hero! After 5.3 thousand endlesssss posts. Do any OF YOU think you have a unique perspective at this stage?? Seriously? What many of you are complaining about is your lack of roster depth. You paid a metric crapload of money for the Plant Hero! Good for you! I have no fancy heroes and so when you get whipped by me because i slogged for well over a year to get where i am, I’m not sympathetic to 6 month newbies however important they are for the game.

I have tried; from a rocky start to being warned recently that people may pay attention to me. I have tried to do better. I’m beginning to get clued up on the situation and I find it a little perplexing. I have no explanation for other people!

EDIT: How did I let this old chestnut pass? “The forums aren’t what they used to be!!” That is BS and it is possibly the first post (topic form) that i can remember from here. Look at the stats (every normal member can do this). Just look at how many awesome members, moderators et al. got some love and many of ‘those’ people dispensed it too with interest paid!!

These people are excellent! They are here for me as much as anyone!

AND @Mothra went missing! AWOL. That is just never going to work out for us collectively! (att: his alliance members!!)

And some magical memorable contributors to the good of humanity! @Agano the second best thread ever and the Finnish secret service have deleted his tag!!! Alarm!!! and nevarmaor for introducing the term hyperbole to a game forum!! Please @nevarmaor my brain is getting something wrong!! (not the hyperbole thing, i just couldn’t seem to tag you!!)


Please people! Chip in with your personal Forum summary! This is not about me at all; it’s about community observation and fun!!.. Give it a chance?

After around 1.5 years on this forum I would say it has changed for the better thanks to all the moderators! :heart_eyes:

The thing we see right now is the usual high volume posting, repeating itself again and again about a topic important to a lot of players.

Unfortunately a lot of posters are very emotional and post depending on speculation and not on facts. :unamused:

Luckyly as always this will blow over and then we will wait for the next “big thing” to happen. :smile:


Do you actually work as a diplomat? Because I said that but it didn’t sound the same! :crazy_face:

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I’ve been in the game for over a year (which I’ve already posted several times :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:). I have only recently been active in the forum and am still getting to know it. I don’t know how it “used” to be. But I met interesting people. I have already received a lot of help here and I am passing everything on to my alliance. I think that’s what the forum is all about. A community that supports each other in what they like to do. So forgive those who do not bother to research in front of their post whether another has not already done so. They don’t know better. Thanks to everyone who takes the trouble to help people like me. And I ask everyone else to think about how much effort it costs and how annoying it can be.


A lot of new players came in to the forums for the first time, or for the first time since forever, when the Telluria news hit the fan, just to let everyone (but mostly SG staff, or so they think lol) know how bad they feel about it. Those that awaited this change in silence, don’t feel strong that need to do so. Those that were pro nerf before and vocal here on the forums, try to maintain rational discussion and explain things but it is what it is.

I would say, if it’s ‘only’ a couple hundred pitchforkmen compared to how quickly the news spread on the Facebook groups, local forums etc. it is really not as bad as it looks, only the dark side of the community emerges, while the Jedi knights just keep doing their thing.


Like millions of voices cried out…

…and have yet to be silenced o_o

That was harsh! What if your homeworld was Alderaan??

I’m about to go back to my homeworld. My bed. It’s so much harder to resist creepy humor at this hour :laughing:

it is the middle of the afternoon here so you are on your own with that one! Blessed dreams as you ‘folks’ might say!

Forum, from my point of view, the last 36 hours:

“I’ve been playing E&P for a year, and visiting the forum for 6 months, I can tell you for a fact this has/hasn’t happened before!”

Someone points out, that in fact, they are wrong.

“You must work for SG/Hate new players/Not have X hero/Only have X hero!”


“Beta players are obviously idiots.”

But one sentence later.

“SG should have listened to them more!”



100% this is really what peaked my interest in the forum and part of why I’m still here

Sure the toxic threads can be humorous and entertaining but not my sole reason for being part of the forum by a long shot

I’ve slowed down on helping as much as i used to, mainly just cause it does get tiring handing out the same advice over and over and over but there is no other way since old threads get closed, too many variations in individual situations to merge them all, etc etc but luckily there’s plenty of people that are willing to hop in and usually say what i would have said anyways


Please hold on. There are so many who need those like you.

Oh i don’t plan on leaving the forum anytime soon. I’ve come close a couple times but that’s typically due to getting too involved in the toxic parts of the forum

My best advice:
If a thread gets toxic, just hit the mute button and bail. Don’t even say a word.

If i did that everytime i opened a toxic thread or read a response from a moron, my forum time would be much better spent.


Seriously dude! You don’t like me. I am a very flawed individual. That’s fine because ; join the queue, you and those freakshows from my personal life!!!.. I actively do not want you to leave!!! (well, I really want the freakshows to vanish!) Do you understand??

I came back to the forum because im in a Empires and puzzles group on facebook and it is so crazy in there the amount of people talking about this.

And i know its 100% fact the reason Tell owners dont want him nerfed is because he is thst powerful and it gives them a MASSIVE advantage.

They can say all they want they spent all this money to get him, but you do that for a lot of good heroes and there are always risks of the devs changing a hero. They dont promise if you get a hero its going to be like that forever.

Tell me anywhere, where they say that ?

The people making the most noise are the TELL owners because they dont want their beloved immortal hero nerfed because he is that strong.

Ive posted this in other topics but this is the definition of NERFED.

To “nerf” something means to reduce its ‘power’ or effectiveness within the game. Often times this is to solve some problem in the game (such as an ‘overpowered’ weapon/ability or super effective strategy), or to push the players in one direction or another (such as a new cosmetic/item/character).

This happens in EVERY SINGLE VIDEO GAME EVER. Just let the devs do their job in peace so they can balance the game so its fun to play again and the whole community isnt using the same heroes over and over.


@JackieChanBruce I tried but i am so far out of love it seems silly considering the (compost?) show that i live in! So, cop this::heart:

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It seams like I have been coming to the forum since the first day I started. That was because the leader of my first alliance pointed me in this direction.
I can’t thank him enough for that.
My experience in the forum has been hugely positive. There are an enormous amount of people in here willing to listen, willing to support and willing to offer advice in the game. Thank you.
Additionally there is a lot of warmth and emotional support for those that need it from a personal perspective. Again thank you.
And a great big thank you to moderators who keep things going, keep things in check and do it with humour.
99.9% of the time the forum is full of friendly camaraderie and banter… but people can very occasionally let their heart rule their head because of their passion of the game. That’s only to be expected as long as we stay nice with each other.
Overall I thoroughly enjoy it, so will keep coming in here.


piqued? Que? (languages are a horrror)? I don’t like those definitions! They are idiomatically incorrect!r

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