I have been playing for almost 16 months

many know me for my question … still does not have an answer
game from 17/08/2017
I killed over 400 titans
I did 10,000 raids
and I opened more than 800 trunks
yet I never and I stress never saw a damascus blade !!!
I ascended only 9 heroes to 80 and 30 others are still at 70 and wait
I had 6 blades from rare companies and 3 I bought them at 110 euro each
I can understand that the materials go to luck but I find it impossible in 800 trunks and 400 titans have never seen 1 !!!
it stinks of burnt all this: D

I haven’t been playing quite as long. 11 months but damascus for me are ok. It is the other materials I struggle to find. I have 4 heros at 80 and others waiting on various things.

It seems to be the randomness of the game. Some have many of something someone needs and in turn someone else has something someone else needs.

This is also the good and bad of having too many 5* as they take a lot to max out.

I just focus on what I have and can do and wait until the right pieces come my way.

Just make sure you keep opening chests, competing in wars, killing titans, and do mystic vision. You may have a lucky day coming up.

It is a game of patience…

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never a joy
20 caracters

No it is not fun, but on the other hand I have so many 4*'s I want to level it balances out.

Then for me I have trouble finding gloves too…

Only got 2 damascus blade in 5 months playtime.

Most of the items I get now I have to purchase. I have killed 100s of titans too. I usually skip to do chests faster but I could count on one hand the 4* ascension items I have got from them. Mystic vision once dropped me a tome. But I’ve only been playing 15 months. Maybe tomorrow???

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That then seems to be abnormally bad luck. I find both Damascus Blades and Tonics to be the rarest for me.

What level of Titans are you fighting? The best lost comes from higher level Titans.

Have you tried tracking your loot for a month? I guarantee you get more than you think you do. I used to think my loot drops sucked till I started tracking and I discovered I was receiving WAY more than I thought I was.

18 damascus blades in 18 months (lol, curious)
I purchased only once and i have more (much more) tome of tactics.

Yes, i guess you have no luck at all for that.

maybe tomorrow…
the next is morlovia … trap and tunic tool

I got 8 Damascian Blades in 9 months
But i need posion darts

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I need some darts as well. I have 2 Drakes at 70 and 3 darts…

I’ve seen 9 darts in 11 months. Joon is already at 80.

I have 5 darts and Joon 3^70 so I hope I will get darts for christmas :slight_smile:

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11 months of playing. only one 5* at max. and i’ve materials for one for each color. is f2p account.
the training camp lv. 20 give me thorne, obakan and today vivica! from october and novenber pulls aegir, zimkitha, joon, victor and domizia. i’m very happy.

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