I have any questios

hello i have some questions?!?

To the users, the moderators and the operators:

What do you think?

  1. Which of these two teams should win in direct combat against each other?

  2. why? And why not the other team.

3.How? Tactics / chance / arrangement / luck …

  1. Do you find the O.k. for one or the other?

4.1. What do you think if the difference in team strength over 500 is more important, how much time / effort or money lies between these two teams?

  1. Has the game been manipulated too much by now?

Best Regards

Not sure what your angle is here, but that battle can go either way depending on the board. Assuming you bring the bottom team and get red tiles you will be in great shape. The top team is inherently “better”, but depends on lots of things.

Money? Both could be achieved by a FTP with the right luck.

Edit: no healer on the bottom team would make things REALLY tough.

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His is the Telluria team (You didn’t do a good job scrubbing that out chap) and one assumes he’s been beaten in a raid by the below (it has a different name, again…not well scrubbed out…)

So one assumes he is asking how the weaker team could possible win.

Simply put a great red starting board and you defence making silly plays (like a special hitting Sumotumo when his riposte is one for example)

My 3400 6th mono red team has beaten a team of 4400 in a war. I got an awesome start and was able to fire Wilbur, Falcon and my 2 Sumles. Wipeout before they even got a special off. I’d say it was rare but that red Mono team punches above it’s weight so often I just assume it has a blessed life


We don’t know if they attack with those defense teams. But if yes, then depend on board, if more red tiles, then 99% guaranteed win of course, because Telluria is green, and they bring defdown Gormek.

No, synergy teams is more important then TP (Team Power). Around 500-1000 TP different is not so significant indicator.

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Ughh I’m so sick of “this team is 500 points less than me, it’s IMPOSSIBLE for them to win!!!”

Have you even played this game? Lol


OK. I am the fool. Here you can also close and please delete me from this forum. Simply because of incompetence and because I didn’t play this game at all. You’re welcome! Was not to be expected otherwise … And no joke, please delete everything!

If you’re on offense you have the advantage of choosing your team

Exactly. I can take a mono 4* team and beat a 4500 team but it all depends on the board. Good board - easy win. Bad board - I’ll get slaughtered. It’s not hard to win with having much less team power than the other team, but it is a risk and can easily go bad in the first few turns

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You’ve not been on in a year and you just logged back in for a rant tbh.

I still don’t fully understand what you were ranting about though…but I can only guess it’s because you’ve lost either a raid or been beaten in a raid…

And because we haven’t leap to offer you sympathy or agree with you that the game is rubbish you throw a little tantrum.

See you again in a year for another exciting complaint I guess!

Hi A.J. because you don’t visit regularly you have probably missed some (all) of the recent ruckus on matching. I would avoid the Telluria team too. Take care.