I have Aeron and Hel, 5 star purple heroes. Which should I ascend?

Hi. I am currently at 2/4 for both heroes. So was thinking of ascending one of them to 3/4 rank. Materials are not in abundance so am considering which one to use my mats on. These are only 2 purple 5 star heroes i have at the moment so my choice is just between these two for now.

Should i ascend Aeron or Hel? Which is better hero. Would really appreciate any feedback on this dilemma i’m having. Thank you forum.

Without reading anything else - HEL!

Its Hel Hel and another Hel :blush:

Hel, no question! One of the best heroes in the game.

I ascended Hel. Aeron can do his job at 3-70 for awhile.

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