I have a question on war troops

When you change your war troops from the previous war that you had in your war defense; example: Say I had 3 star troop in my past war but gained a 4 star between wars and used my 3 star in the previous war to level the 4 star up but forgot to change my war troop to the new 4 star, does it default to a 1 star with 0% once the war start or is that just a glitch?

If I read your question correctly, I’m guessing it would default to 1 star. The system always gives me a one star troop, for instance on the challenges, when I don’t have 2 stars available.

The bigger question would be, why wouldn’t you equip that 4 star to your battlefield team. It isn’t done automatically and I’m always nagging my team mates to check those troops :smiley:


I know, right? Check your team, check your tank, check your troops. Tuesday and Friday.

Can we introduce a leaders tazer feature???

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The irony is that I check all the teams in our alliance and they often miss their one and only one :persevere:

What’s happening is some of my members are changing their troops, they have this thinking that it automatically changes, but it doesn’t. I just wanted to make sure you physically had to go in and change them in your war defense. Because I have the same problem. Thanks for your reply

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