I have a question for you? Hel and Gravemaker?

I’ve argued with a friend very much. Is it better if Gravemaker in the general classification is better or Hel? Who to vote for?

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I’d say both are really good, pretty much equal. If I had to pick though I think I would go for Hel. Mana block is such a good ability.


If I have to pick one i’d pick Hel. Hell! I want a Hel on my team ;_;


Gravemaker is the destroyer of attacking teams. He’s an aggressive hero who will DESTROY YOU. As a red hero, this is fitting. Hel is more tactical as a dark hero. She manipulates the game. She’ll hit you and furthermore you can’t gain mana. It’s a toss up. What do you value more? Aggressions or tacticians?

Hel hands down. Controlling the mana = controlling the game. You decide who’s special get to go off, and who you want to unload your tiles onto with absolutely no penalty. Gravemaker is amazing, but Hel is Hel- and she’s absolutely phenomenal :heart_eyes:

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Has Hel already been on Atlantis summons?

Yes… Alındığını gördüm

Yup Hell was the first ever HoTM and she was the first old HotM on Atlantis Portal.

I run both and rarely go too far without both. What I will say is both are great in raids, both are great for events in different ways, but hel is stronger for titans. I tend to like hel a bit more. I can’t wait to start on the second one.

  • Defence: Gravemaker
  • Attack: Hel
  • Monthly Events: Hel for completation, Gravemaker for aiming a good score (paired with falcon and other reds)
  • Rare quests/seasonal events: Hel
  • Titans: both
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Hel, without a question. GM is awesome, but he isn’t as valuable as Hel.
I have her and she changed everything.
Dont have GM so I only know him as an enemy in Raid def and he is by far, my most favorite enemy tank. I win about 80% of the fights against the teams with him as a tank.
But I guess he is quite useful in events and raid attacks.
Hel though… well, she is useful, no awesome everywhere!

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