I have a question about the percentage of war

What is the success rate of war?

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I believe it’s the number of flags used in every war that was fought before filling the war chest.

So if you won 5 wars in a row, and you used 6 flags in 4 out of 5 of them, you would have participated in 80%.

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I don’t understand what a flag is.

Due to the translation program is not understood

A flag is one attack. You get 6 in each war


What NPNKY has said.

Understood thanks …

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80% of the item is more beautiful than 100%. Why is that ? Isn’t the rate of participation in the war proportional to the item?

100% participation probably gives you a slightly better chance at better loot.

Random drop of loot is still quite random.

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I used 6 flags in 5 battles. But why% 88 attendance

In the war chest it’s about the number of wars you participated in. Did you join this alliance recently, after they had fought some wars already in the chest? Or did you miss a war entirely?

It is not about the number of flags you used, merely participating.

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I also participated in all wars. I used all the flags

Thanks, @Fatih1711, I have moved this topic into the Bugs section. This is not the first time that the wrong % attribution has been made. Can you also please submit a support ticket?

no other example. but the percentage is higher than me and there are many people who get worse item … clan didn’t give the item to our leader. percentage of attendance% 100

Seems consistent to me.

88% got two non-farmable material (Shield and Blade)
68% got one non-farmable material (Cape)

If a 100% got three non-farmable material (or even one 4* non farmable material), it would be good.

I’m not sure I understand what the complain is.

This is not my complaint. Why is it that the item came with 100% participation to the item is not given? This is the complaint

Either you did not participate in some of the war victories/losses from your alliance OR there is a bug that is miscalcualting your participation %.

Or you left the alliance for a time between wars, that will reset your participation to 0.

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