I have a problem with the oni curses

During the ninja tower I found myself two 5* heroes emblemized with an oni curse but didn’t these heroes use them in battle?

What happened basically was that I had two curses that didn’t break out one blue and another red and they positioned themselves on digs 20 emblem pits and 19-man emblems but they’re heroes that I’ve never used in battle.

Now I’ve read the rules but you can’t take away the strongest heroes I have as I finish the tower

Good morning yesterday I played level 30 of the ninja tower at the end of the level I had two curses oni not broken, these two curses at the end of the game were placed on two of my top heroes that I never used in battle. My question but does the ninja tower work like this or was it a bug? The responsThanks toe from the support said that there are no problems to me it seems absurd to me

@petri Why does no one answer?

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