I have a problem: Game freezing

Hello all…after the last update the game is freezing sometimes?is working slowly .when I get the heroes from the train,searching for raids…is my phone?or the game?

Last update is 1.9.6 or 1.9.7 on android?

iOS device …

I have 1.9.6 IOS. Perhaps it will update today?

I’m on IOS and I have noticed that when I get a hero from training, that spinning icon screen takes way longer than it did before the previous update. The first time I thought it had frozen, but it’s just really slower than before.

Staff has told us that some changes were made to tighten the links between server and client to protect against hacks. We can hope that they improve how this is done and the resulting impact on play.

Yea. I am on ios too. The same thing.
As i know, there is new update on android 1.9.7 (maybe they fix this on this version), but ios doesnt update, so we must just wait some time.

So: your phone is good :slight_smile:

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Ok…I will wait …thank you

1.9.7 for iOS should release tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Me too on android,please with new update put in trade hero and friend request tnx…

Changes to the game don’t come overnight; it takes a while to program. :wink:

Please read the Shortlist for an idea of what kinds of changes you might expect in the coming year.

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First of all, you can delet the game and reinstall in. The game app may be cracked.
Or you can try to clear up the space, because the game occupies on large part of RAM. And if the iPad runs out of RAM, the game becomes laggy or just stuck.
Ultimately, restore your iPad. But do this with TunesKit iOS System Recovery, because it can restore your iPad without data loss.

Ever since I updated my game to V29 on Android it keeps freezing.

Basically I get 2-3 second of freeze every 2-3 seconds. So frozen 50% of the time. Makes the game impossible to navigate/play.

I just my phone storage, and even cleared extra space.

What should I do?

Are you getting notifications that cause the game to freeze? That was most of my issue; sometimes I would have a network disruption, though. Not allowing notifications from E&P solved much of my issue.

I haven’t upgraded to V 29 yet, and won’t be, until forced to - have seen way too many things updated, and then need to be fixed, so I have become a very late updater by choice - for basically everything.

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Thanks for the response.

I played on my Tablet for a couple days with no issues. When I tried switching back over my phone worked fine again. I don’t know what the problem was, but maybe they patched something.

Issue resolved.

Glad it’s working. Sometimes it’s just reaching out to somebody, and the intermittent problem is resolved by somebody completely different fixing something - or not, and it just works.

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Try the game on other devices to check if it is your iDevice problems or the game bugs that cause the issue.
If the game runs smoothly on another device, fix the freezing issue by restarting or force restarting your iOS device, updating iOS version, freeing up internal storage, or using any iOS system repair tool without data loss.
If the same issue occurs on other devices, try uninstalling and re-installing the game app, checking if it is the latest version, or contacting the app developer.

I don’t know whether your issue is fixed now. Otherwise, you could try out force quitting the game app and launch it later to see if the problem still exists. Or you can force restart your iOS device. If they fail, the it could be the iOS system glitches. In this case, you are suggested to use professional iOS system repair tools such as TunesKit or others to deal with your problem.

You can try delete and reinstall the game app. Or turn to force restart your iPhone and update the iPhone system. If these does not work well. There is another effective ios repair tool you can try. This will not cause any data loss.

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