I have a new quick question

I have 35 different hero’s, can I use 5 as a defense of team and the other 30 as attack teams?

You can use all your heroes once on attack, including those on your defensive team.

I don’t want to use my defense of team, I have 30 other attacker’s. Or do I have to use my defense as attack team?

You don’t have to use those heroes if you don’t want to. All your heroes will be available when you put together your team on each attack, so you can pick whichever ones you want, in any combination.

Thank you, the reason being is my alliance is so over matched I’m throwing in all 1 star hero’s and using my other 30 as attack team. So instead of giving them 222 points I will only give them 112 points with them having to wait for my team to refresh again, hoping that we take some flags away from them also

Just to see if that will over come the loop sided advantage they have. Just something new to try if we throw our usually defense out then they will be up by 2000 points by the end of the first 10 hours

Yeah, you should always put up your best team of 5 heroes as your defense. Otherwise you’re giving your opponent a huge advantage.

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Your alliance is going to be worth around 2000 total points no matter whether you all have 5* 4/80 defenses or unleveled 1* defenses. A full reset is still 2000 points.

All you do by putting out a weak defense is shift some of those points away from your defense onto stronger members of your alliance

And every team, no matter how weak, is worth at least 20 points. The “set a weak defense” strategy was tried early on, and with the change in scoring to value all teams at 20 or more, it’s definitely the WRONG strategy. You will be wiped, and wiped, and wiped, and lose embarrassingly, and the other side won’t have any fun either.


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