I have a life but want to join a good alliance!? - Hades War Hounds is recruiting

Interested in joining an alliance that accepts you have a life outside Empires & Puzzles but is still active and gives it 100%? We nurture our team and have grown stronger together as players, bringing on newbies as well. We understand if for example your a new mum and miss a titan or war due to the baby, you live near an active volcano, coronavirus means you to busy at the moment … (all real-life examples of things our team members cope with).

We have a line chat to share and co-ordinate on and just joke. Likewise, we chat in the alliance chat screen.

In the last POV we spent Titan flasks to make sure our team members crossed the line on the Kill Titan challenge because they had missed a few titans. This POV we’ve been smarter and dropped down some Titan levels to make the kills easier and the completion of the challenge easier as well. Once the team has it nailed we will move back up our current level (7-8*) without “playing” the system.

In wars, we aim to use all six flags but accept the occasional miss or two.

With Titans, we encourage hits every time you are around and can.

Interested, either visit the alliance (Hades’ War Hounds) and give us a try or ping me in Line (Mark - Tavaren).

PS Also happy to hear from smaller alliances about a possible merger, we are currently 15 players strong.


That’s it actually, thanks for make it easier.

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