I have a dragon.dream


i fall in love of the vip pass dragon ; he is so cute .
it will be really fun to have one to chear , take care and make growing up by feeding like pet (if you feed him enough with meat it will give you gemme ) . it is just a dream i made and create my own s develloping story in mind …
Yet I already love touch the pass dragon and saw the figher get out his nose .
Really good work
ps : I apologise for my english bad writing It s a foreign langage for me


Glad you are enjoying the dragon! I love it when he sneezes fire! :grin:


Tamagotchi returns, Empires&puzzles edition!


Thanks to take time for read and have consider my topic: it’ll really be great to obtain this sort of mascotte in game and if they try to develloping different way of using it in the futur that will be top :))

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