I have a doubt about atlantis summon

aproximately every month three province are enabled to play and players during several days can summon 2nd seasons heroes. What will happen if all the provinces are enabled? I mean, the game will continue to enabling every month to summon 2nd seasons heroes?

thanks =D

If you’re asking what the next playable area will be, my guess would be a short break, then the introduction of season 3.

If you’re asking how you will then be able to obtain the season 2 heroes after Atlantis ends, I’m not sure. It’s possible they will periodically be available via whatever summon gate is part of season 3 (the way past heroes of the month are now sometimes available as part of the Atlantis summons). Some players have asked that the heroes be added to training camp 20 or some new higher-level training camp, but I find it unlikely this will be implemented.


We can’t know for certain if after all the map would be unlocked the atlantis summons would still appear for some days/month or if they’ll be opened forever: it didn’t ever happened before :stuck_out_tongue:

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i wonder if wonderland would be season 3

Wonderland is slated to be a Challenge Event, like Pirates, Grimforest, Guardians, and Knights.

I haven’t seen a mention of Season 3 anywhere, and considering how long Season 2 took to come out from the original announcements, and the huge amount of new stuff announced for 2019 already, I’m guessing we won’t see a Season 3 until next year at least.

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