I have 40 Titans at 14* and i didnt receive any good item

I spend money for heroes nothing .We kill 14* titans and i didnt receive nothing maybe my acount has Something i dont know

Unfortunately, it’s NORMAL play reality of today.
Reason given is RNG, which to an extent is understood,
that “RNG for Loots” needs a little tuning towards towards some balance :grinning:

I got 4* rings from titan earlier today, that is a 4* ascension mat after 3+ weeks from titan !

It’s OK for this game. If you can’t get something that you need for free (with minimal odds of course) - you always can buy it.

I’d say you’re simply in drought mode.

Unfortunately, it happens. I was in an alliance killing 14* titans non-stop, and I had a 4* mats drought from December till at least February.

The mats drought will break eventually.

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If it’s any consolation, I got a tabard today (12* titan). Of course, I think that the game is punking me because I got Salmon Loki yesterday.

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I hadn’t gotten anything for a few weeks and my A loot on a 12* titan today gave me a tabard, tonic and ocmpass with 50 gems and 30 emblems. I am good for now! :slight_smile:

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