I have 3 khiona what do I do?

I have been fortunate to draw 3 Khiona but relatively and new despite trawling the forums can’t find any advice on a similar situation

Do I merge them into one or do i think about creating two characters?

She is my first dark 5* - I have tiburtus waiting to upgrade from 3/60

Anyojne got any thoughts?

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Im in the same boat. Except that I have the materials to ascend one (and have) since she is my only dark 5 worth the materials (Domitia is the other).
I’d recommend eating 1 (I cant see ever using materials on 3). Sit on the 2nd at 1/1, in the event they change the stats and she becomes even more special that she is.

Do not feed them to one another. It is a waste of an asset.

And do not max Tibs until you decide a direction for the whole team in light of getting a usefull 5*.

Telling the forum more of your sitiation will get better advice.

Since you mentioned you are new, I’m assuming Tiburtus is your highest purple. Absolutely give Tiburtus your 4 trap tools before giving them to Khiona. 5* are a trap, if you can’t bring them to max level 80, don’t bother with them yet. They take too much resources without giving you their full strength. I would keep at least 2 Khiona although you may only level 1. If you bring her to 2/60 you’ll see she’s weaker than your 2/60 Tib.

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You should look at uploading a pic of your full hero roster. Seeing that you’re new you’ll get some useful advice on a way forward :slightly_smiling_face:

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If you’re in for the long haul, keep them all. Leveling is as much a part of the game as everything else. As you team gets stronger, and as you gain more materials either from chest rewards or purchases, who knows, you might consider running a Khiona in every AW team.

Gratz on pulling 3 btw :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. Three is too many. Keep two. There are some other great 5* now, soon, and yet to be. It’s hard to imagine bringing three of any hero to 4/80. A diversity of skills is valuable.
  2. Tuck them away until you have Tibertus and dark healer (Sabina or Rigard) complete. 5* heroes are the icing; you need some cake. That’s your 4*.
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My current stats are

Currently level 27 – in an alliance that is doing reasonable but no one talks

Current defence team – left to Right – Boldtuck, Khiona, Kashhrek, Li Xiu and Grimm

In quests just completed 22 Rockfall of Zalthu stage 2

Stronghold at level 15 – upgrade to 16 nearly complete

Watchtower level 10

Farms 14/15

Forge 9/10

Food Store 10

Iron Store 13

Training camps 9/10/11

My Team

Khiona 2/47, 1/8 and 1/1
Joon 1/42, Justice 2/21, Leonidas 2/4 and Drake Fong 1/35
King Arthur 2/47 and Richard 1/1
Azlar 1/1, Captain Kestrel 1/1, Elena 2/35, Khagan 1/1 and Marjana 1/1

Tiburtus 3/60, Rigard 3/1, Cyprian 2/40, Sabina 2/7
Li-Xiu 4/26, Wu Kong 3/47, Hu Tao 1/29 and Chao 1/25
Boril 2/24, Grimm 4/26, Kiril 3/22 and Sonya 3/33
Caedmon 3/43, Kashhrek 3/56, Little John 4/1, Melendor 2/4 and Skittleskull 2/13
Boldtusk 4/27, Colen 1/20, Gormek 3/7 and Scarlett 3/51

Balthazar 3/46, Tyrum 1/21, Gill-Ra 1/1 and Chochin 1/1
Bane 2/22 and Gan Ju 2/11
Karil 2/96 and Ulner 2/21
Beklith 2/1, Berden 2/3, Brienne 1/15, Carver 2/1, Friar Tuck 2/18 and Isshtak 1/14
Azar 2/24, Hawkmoon 3/29, Jahangir 2/13 and Nashgar 2/22

If you want the troops as well let me know

My thoughts:

  1. Keep all three, unless you are rally strapped for space.
  2. Focus your trainings. You are scattering your feeders all over the place. Choose one hero of each color and push it to completion.
  3. Leave your 5* unleveled for now. You have good 4* but need to get them to useable levels.
  4. Work on these heroes:
  • purple: Tibertus (mat limited?), then Rigard
  • yellow: Li Xiu then Wu Kong. Normally I’d reverse that, but you’ve already ascended Li
  • blue: Grimm, then Kiril
  • green: Little John (ascended) then Caedmon
  • red: Boldtusk, then Gormek.
  1. Once you have these ten 4* up, return to your 5*. You will now be hitting bigger titans and earning more mats, so you’ll be able to complete them.

Keep em all. Roster space is cheap.

Thanks all for your help - i will keep them for the time being

New HOTM tomrrow - wonder if I will be as lucky

I was…1 epic hero token, 1 Aegir :). Lottery ticket buying time.