I have 2. The elements and wars

With elements right now you have nature, ice and fire for the main 3. Technically speaking ice doesn’t put out fire. Ice needs to be water element. Fire can melt ice and burn nature so the chain makes no sense right now. Ice outside out nature and nature doesnt do anything but die on it’s own. Once its changed to water it all makes more sense. Nature drinks water and does by fire while fire is put out by water but water is weak against nature. Just a little fix

Now when it comes to wars… the past 15 wars we’ve had in my alliance have been a sham… we believe that amount of trophies or score matters… we have a 44k score while we go up against a 55k or higher score and we always lose every time. You need to make ears fair and match it with other peoples scores because in all honesty we aren’t getting anywhere… or change how getting points work in alliance and do it per death of a member of an alliance when all heroes have been vanquished. So 1 point for all 5 heroes being dead. There fore wed win more because the one alliance currently has 7 full kills in my alliance with a score of 1800, while my alliance has managed to take down 11 of their members and only have a score of 1000… like this is completely unfair, technically speaking we should be winning the war… please fix this nonsense

Just to play devil’s advocate…

Fire requires heat, oxygen and fuel…ice removes the heat.

Ice can be cracked snd splintered by roots

Vegetation/nature can be burned by fire.

Personally, as someone who’s studied glaciers, I can’t see much standing up to ice…but maybe a volcanologist will argue the toss!

Isn’t this the rock, paper, scissors argument :rofl::joy::smiley::smile::sweat_smile::laughing::grin:


Too simple. Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock.