I have 2 hotM Zeline, what to do?

Level them up both or to up one with another?

Keep both and take the 2nd to level 60. She’ll be useful for alliance wars.


Thank You! About that I didn’t think)

Wish I’d done the same when I pulled duplicate Natalya. :slightly_frowning_face:


I think everyone has a regret with a hero feeding decision at some point - my main hole on my roster is a defense debuffer (I have none of the three widely available ones). When I got Ares I then pulled a Gormek and stupidly fed him to Ares thinking ‘why would I need a red 4* when I have a 5*?’

Well, it’s obvious that was a dumb move. I also recently fed a 2nd Scarlett - then AW comes up and I wish I could have had her at 3/60 for that. So, needless to say, I’m keeping any of the elite 4* (in my mind) and leveling them to 60 for AW.


If you don’t have Alby, you can even think to max them both.

At least before the next green HotM :smirk:


Who is Alby? Albreht? Reviver?

Yep, Alberich.
The revival guy.

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Alliance Wars is reshaping a lot of my thinking about holding and developing heroes. Keeping dupes of good heroes, leveling up good 4* (also good for intermediate challenge events). My hero bench is getting very crowded!