I have 1 set of warm coats (4) who should I level?

It took me a while to get the 4 warm coats to level my 1st ice hero. I have Zelia Lei and Jott and I don’t know who to choose? Please help me decide!

I currently have both on my defense team will share a picture…but Jott will be replaced with Tettukh once I finish leveling him. I use both with Titans but Jott is amazing, Zelia Lei I use everywhere because she’s fast and her amazing def. down!

My hero roster

You’ll eventually level both. However, I suggest doing Zila Lei first. She’ll be helpful in almost all, if not all, facets of the game. Jott is best on titans.

And by the way, try working on at least 3 rainbow teams of 3 star heroes. Level them. Search for threads here in the forum which of them are good. They wi help you in the raid tourneys, quests and challenge events to finish them and perhaps gain ascension materials for your 4* and maybe 5* heroes.


Agree with Ultra on Zila Lei > Jott for you.

Early in the game (which you seem to be), having fast defense down will be very good. It will also help with some of the top four star tanks (Boril/Kasshrek).

Jott’s value is pretty limited to titans and challenge events. Long term you may find yourself using him more. But you can keep using him at 3/70 until you’ve got a roster built up.


Depending on your hero roster, it is probably Kiril first.

You should not look at heroes only from war and raid perspective, but also how helpful will they be during events. In my opinion Kiril will be much more useful at challenge events or rare/trials quests, or harder map stages in S2 or S3. Not to mention he will provide a second healer to your team, which is extremely valuable. In short, Kiril will allow you to progress faster with the Player-vs-environment part of the game, which for a beginner is IMO way more important than the PvP part.


I agree with this: Kiril is a must. I still use him frequently with over 30 5* heroes maxed. He will be a nice anchor and boosts offense and defense.

Yeah. Kiril is also a must in ascension. But while you are still very much pretty early in the game and only have 4 warm capes, it is my humble opinion to level a hitter, which is pretty much useful in the maps, raids, titans, events. Healers are good too (please remind yourself to max your healers). Maxing your 4* healer first before your 4* hitter will only make you finish maps stages very long. 3/60 healers can already do their function decently at that level, whereas 3/60 hitters don’t deal as much damage compared to their maxed version and are very pretty much squishy.

Among your 4* blues, Zila Lei as the 1st maxed hero would be for your best benefit.

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What others said: Kiril first. Also using him until now despite having 30+ 5* heroes. He’s a healer with buffs, and if you get his costume, he inflicts debuffs instead and thus becomes instrumental against titans. Plus healers are very important in regular gameplay and also wars.

But if you really insist on Zila vs. Jott, do Zila. Jott is good but not nearly as versatile.

Kiril would be my choice, in accordance with other opinions above.

Kiril is a life saver most of the times. Very versatile, specially if you have C.Kiril.

Already agreed with your post, but this is what got the heart.

No brainer really, and well stated.

Speaking of, I’d also be looking at that underleveled Bt, Sabina, and Rigard at some point…

Survivability in PVE equals GUARANTEED ascension mats, especially for weaker/newer players.

I agree with the above. Kiril does more for ensuring the survivability of your team and allowing it to hit above its weight. Not only does he heal, but he boosts attack and defense. That in turn gives you better chances of gaining mats to max the others.

3+ years playing and Kiril, Melendor, BT, and Rigard remain staples on my teams.

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