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The maximum for the troops is lvl 25 or lvl 30?
How is possible this player lvl 31 with full 5 stars heroes,gems(with money,and summoning),me after 147 days of playing I got my 1 hero 5 stars …

Maximum is 25 lvl for the troops.

Well, its possible… if you pay a lot or if you are EXTRA lucky…

With sufficient application of money, you too could have level 30 5* troops. You only need three things to get good troops, and all of these can be bought with gems (and gems can be bought with cash):

  1. A good base troop. Do enough Epic Troop summons and you will get the 4* troop of your choice.
  2. Lots of feeder troops. Do lots of Epic Troop summons and feed all the 3* s to the chosen 4* s.
  3. Food (hams). It’s mind-numbingly expensive, but you CAN buy food with gems.

Not all top players have spent fortunes, but some have.

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If it is level 25, why does this person show level 30 troops? Rhetorical question.

Troops go up to level 30, not 25

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4* troops max lvl is 30

How? Too much cash.

Off topic:
I’d have rather bought a car instead of having this team on lvl 31.
But that’s just me, poor human. :blush:

Also remember level 31 is really time spent grinding, not time spent playing.

Getting all those 5*s at lvl 31 is no problem at all, with enough $$. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t have many many more…Ascending these all the way is also not a problem at lvl 31, will also require some $$. But those troops at lvl 30 ? I’m almost positive that’s a combination of plenty of grinding (you need plenty of feeder troops ) and even more $$$$. Trops are not cheap at all…

Wow, I always thought maximum lvl of the troops is 25…cause Zero’s are 25lvl lol

Plenty of troops drop & troops summons, I guess.
There was a glitch times ago but it was fixed

Same solution you mentioned for the others - money at the epic troop pull. 3 and 4* feeder troops galore, no need to grind.

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And people say this game isn’t P2W…:joy::joy::joy::joy:


Its her money, she can spend it how she wants.

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Its only P2W if you want it to be and can afford it :slight_smile:

It’s a ridiculous amount of food, at level 40 I struggle to get enough food to level my troops to level 12 :joy:
My farms is only level 18 though.
I admire the effort to get troops at that level

I admire the bankrolls to do it :slight_smile:

Edited out player’s name/alliance.

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