I hav e question on the new emblem reset?

With new emblem reset it says we will be refunded 20% food and iron. This could be a significant amount. Will they be allowed to go over your storage limits ( Like going over your hero storage limit when you pull heroes) , or will overage be lost?

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I think it would be safe to assume that the surplus will be lost.

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You will be refunded at the value of the new costs.
i.e. six million food to fully level a hero will return 1.2 million.

My guess is there will be a prompt saying you will be full and lose the remainder.
Much like there “Hero cap” prompt when your roster is full and you’re starting a world map level.

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Good question!

At a cap of about 6M Food on a +20 Legendary Hero, your return would be approx. 1.2M.

It’s well under the max Food limit once you start using Advanced Food Storage, so I have to assume that it will go into your Food Storage, and the excess would be lost. I guess it’s faintly possible that they would give you Food and Iron crates…

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I do not take credit for this answer, but I have seen it elsewhere:

Food and iron in quantities of 10k plus will be refunded in the form of bundles, anything remaining less than 10k will be put directly into your inventory.

That being the case, you do not have to worry about food and iron (unless completely full) when you reset as you will not lose any.

(I think I first saw Guvnor post this answer, btw,)


Yes, i just did a reset and received the food and iron in the bundles


The reset looks like this


How many emblems did you have before reset? The question is because the 5% the game takes you away.

@Cipitio, if we use reset token emblem, 100% emblem will back to us plus 20% food & irons.
But if we use gems to reset the emblems, we get only 95% of emblems and without food and irons (not tested though), but we can see the description here…


I see clearly now I missunderstood how it works.

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